On the way to home...
Meeting : Check
Presentation Review: Check
Appointments scheduled for tomorrow: Check
Discussion with Sinha: Check
Team performance review: Check
Her Gift: OHHHHHHH shit!
Ohh noo noo no! How could this happen!
I had set reminder on cellphone, I had asked Holly to remind me, there was a reminder post-it on my PC! Oh my God, I am dead, I am seriously dead. How could, in the name of Heaven I forget it! She will kill me, Oh lord! 
I can't go home without a gift, but I am just 10 minutes away from my place! So what! It's her birthday, Gift her something later, today just pick up chocolates or flowers from the next door shop, No no, I can't , for months she has been hinting as to what I should get her, I will have to go to 7th Street , that is so far plus due to that I will be late, didn't she warn me about being on time? Imagine being late but with gift in hand, she will forgive instantly, but if I land up without the gift, she will pout for days! She is a dahling, she won't , doesn't matter, I will be at Special's in 5 mins, I will pick her gift and will be back home in no time,Lets hope for the best...
At the shop...
Now where is that section? Was it to the right or the left? Ask someone, you are anyways running out of time. I don't need to ask, I know ok? Ok...I know it is somewhere here, Ohh there it is! Phew! So this is it, I got the gift, see it was easy! Now I have to just somehow rush back, Oh hello, excuse me, you have just randomly picked it, will she like the color and model? Did she hint you about this simple thing in your hand, don't you remember she already has this! Hmmm.... will she like blue or will she adore green, red? naah, I think purple would be the best! Duh! Obviously her favorite color is Purple, btw you know that na? Ya ya , I know, I know. Now what to do about model? Go for that one, it has more space of her stuff, Naah the design is too common, Don't you think you have to hurry? YOU ARE GETTING LATE!! Ohhya ya, I think I should take this one and be done with it! Good, finally things roll on!
On the way, back home...
Will she like it? I hope she does, she will! after all you to took out time out of your busy schedule and bought it for her, as promised, are you pulling my leg! No no, how can I pull my own leg! OK, You are pulling my leg, then what should I do? Worship you? Applaud you? Pat your back? I know I forgot! but it wasn't intentional, I love her! She is my sweetheart! I didn't mean to forget! Fine, somehow the crisis has been averted today! But remember next time! I will, promise. I don't believe you. I will! Yawwnnn, tell that to someone else and not to your own self... I will, I will remember it next time, for sure.
Here we are... All the best, Oh my!! She is looking beautiful! Prepare yourself! she hasn't seen you yet, that is why she is sitting there and sulking, She won't anymore.
" Kiara! My little Princess! Happpy Birthday!"
"Heyy... my angel, come here, give papa and big bear hug."
"Did you get my gift? that purple pencil box ? Did you? Say naa"
"Yes my dear, here it is!"
"Yayyyy, I love you, Papa! You are the best, I thought you will forget or won't understand what I want as a gift! But you are a STAR! MY STAR!"

Phew! Phew!
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  1. haha..normally i m able to guess if something 'fishy' is about to crop up but this time u got me! the flow was so good that i was thoroughly engaged..u r gifted :)


  2. nice visit to my blog

  3. @Sarah: thanks!! hehe I am happy that it kept you engrossed, since I enjoyed writing this piece :)

    @CapturedSunlight: thanks!!

    @Deep: thanks! and you have got a very nice blog there :)


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