Her Gift

Next we call upon Karen Volsky

She sat on her allocated seat constantly fidgeting with her graduation robe, hair, nails, even the chair. After Anu, it was her turn to collect her certificate. She despised being the center of attraction and no matter how much Nana motivated her, she could never come out of her shell. All these years, it was Nana who had made all the public appearances on her behalf. 

Next we call upon Anu Yadav

But today she cannot run away, hide or ignore the event. Today, she had to gather courage and go up there. She had to do it for Nana and her parents. She was sure they would be proud of her. Against all odds, she was 21 now with a degree and was ready for the world. Year after year of shifting base, living under heavy protection, sometimes even home schooled, she was finally here with Nana’s help.

Next we call upon Arundhati Zohra

"Millionaire couple killed -- How did the killer get in the heavily guarded mansion? -- No forced entry -- Is it the younger brother? -- Survived by a 5 year old girl and her maternal grandmother who were out for a walk during the time of the killing -- Death threat for the child -- Millions left in her name -- Uncle found guilty – Absconding -- Attack on Arundhati -- Maid killed -- 5 repeated murder attempts on the Million Dollar Baby -- Uncle captured -- Life sentence --....."

With the headlines still ringing in her ears, slowly she got up. The audience was cheering for her but she couldn't hear a thing. She felt her mother taking her left hand with her favourite smile on her face and saw her dad on the right with twinkling teary eyes. Once on stage, she shook hands with the chief guest. The Head Mistress had tears in her eyes and with a lump in her throat she announced, "I now request the honorable Chief Guest to award Arundhati Zohri the Late Abdullah Zohri and Stella Zohri Excellence Award for the Student of the Year and The Late Stella Zohri Award for being the Topper of Forensic Science of the batch 2010."

She collected her award and faced the mike. It was time for her, “Student of the Year" speechShe could feel the presence of her parents besides her and for the first time in her life she wasn't afraid of standing on stage, looking at the sea of faces, and giving a speech. She smiled at the audience and gave the shortest but the most memorable "Student of the Year" speech,

“This is for you, Mumma and Abba.”



  1. ritten with utmost feel...!!!

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  4. well i must say very good choice of words... i really liked this composition. Will be reading more post :)


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