That was it...

Girlie Fun. Living a Dream. Ticking off things from the wish list. Drowning in music.
Meeting interesting new people. Blog turning 2+. 
Appreciation for work. Old wounds hurting badly. Heartbreaks. Date with Art. Fun with Joy.
Striving hard. Shaking a leg. That excruciating pain. That overwhelming love.
Unaccountable loss. Looking back in past. Crazy time with friends. Loving Gola. By lanes of Chruchgate. Talking to strangers. Flirting Revisited. Unbreakable spirit. Discovering strength. Poetry. First Story. Loads of books. Record numbers of movies. 3 back to back shows. First Job. First Salary. First splurge. Many more firsts and many lasts. Hectic work. Date with Tv. DC tickets at balcony price. Writer's block. First Blogger meet. Moving on. Old friends. Moment with self beside silent waters. Missing good ole college days. Binge. Loss. Binge. Loss. Loss. Chatting under the sheets. dating charcoal sketches again. Silent end. Long wait. Melodrama. Loving. Blushing. Bitching. Learnt more about self. Still a Child. Learning more about self. Loving self . Hating it more. In search.Inditweetmeet Siting Idle. waiting to be back. Emerging as a new being. Being Confused. Be Supper Happy. Being Me. 

My Wings are ready to fly,
Just waiting for the right wind to come.
Waiting wouldn't help,
Creating one will take me High.

Happy 365 days went by! Happier 365 days await!!



  1. Love this. By the way, your artwork is exceptional! I LOVE sultry siren.

  2. Thanks a lot Priya! Sultry Siren is my personal favourite too!! :)

  3. Can relate to the feelings; an year summed up in just few words. Wishing you a bright new year ahead and lots of smile for you, Sneha! :)

  4. Thanks Sourav, Wish you the same :)

  5. :) A very happy new year to you, Sneha.

  6. Thanks Arjit! Wish you the same :)


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