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3 hours and 30 minutes (6 attempts to lose the self in the movie, 8 attempts to try and read a book, 4 attempts to enjoy music, 9 trips to the balcony, and 5 attempts to sketch) later I was still stuck at 15:39 pm, still stuck at that precise moment when my whole world came to a standstill.

I like him (I am sure of that), I am addicted to him (No doubt about that) but LOVE…

Love is a strong and permanent notion. It isn’t something to be played with. I don’t know whether I am ready for it. Love comes with loads of obligations and attachments. It is a huge spider web; do I want to get stuck in it? I like talking to him, 60 out of 100 times I think about him, I miss him, I feel like sharing the smallest of small things with him. I have to - have to - listen to his voice at least once a day. Does that mean I love him?

He makes me laugh, we always have infinite things to discuss, and he never judges me. He is witty, intelligent, and cute. He understands me, cares about me and always makes me feel special. Does that mean he is the one?

The catch is I haven’t met him, I mean I have met him, but that was when I had met 50 other strangers on the same day in the same hall. I haven’t seen him; I don’t know how his face lights up when he smiles, I am not aware of the look on his face when he scowls. I don’t know whether he smirks often or waves his hands animatedly during a discussion. Does he walk too fast as if always in hurry or does he lose the race to a snail? Is he moody, temperamental impulsive, hot headed or calm like a saint? Does he like black or white? Will he understand my need for freedom, space or attention? Is he is the typical Indian male or would he be open-minded? I feel, I know him, but then again I don’t know him.

The second twist is that before expressing his love, he has already proposed for marriage! Normally, people spend some time together; they court each other, express their love and then finally think about marriage, but here in my case kahani puri ulti hai. We never spent any time together, all that we did was talk or chat, he directly proposed for marriage leaving me speechless and now he is expressing love. On the other hand, I am clueless; afraid to ride with the tide would be a better description.

What am I supposed to do? Would I be able to love him? I don’t even know how one falls in love or what love is? But I do know that not everyone is lucky to be loved so much. Does he deserve me?

Its 20:22pm and Alisha is still thinking about him, she is still stuck at 15:39pm. The Sindhi girl is still thinking about the Maharashtrian boy. It’s the same old story with same restlessness, doubts and fear, but with new twists. What should she do? Should she back out or should she gather courage and test the tide?



  1. Go for it, if you love being with him, so be it.

  2. Whoaa! Awesome post :)

    Yes, seems like you'll be able to love him :)

  3. Thanks Prateek

    (Guys!! its a story!!)

  4. i know i would have the same doubts if i were in that position... as to whether i would go for it : well, i did once.. got my fingers burnt. so i dont think id be all too eager to jump in blindly...

  5. All the best Roshan!! and thanks :)

  6. Really like this post! Good luck with this one... I really believe that it's possible to fall in love with anyone... give it a shot! I love your blog, btw!

  7. Well... you don't love him, yet. So, tell him that you only "like" him and you would like to test the tide and think about other issues as well - never met with each other + Sindhi Girl/Maharastrian Boy statement seems to imply that you foresee some problems! :-) :-(

  8. @Priya : thanks a lottt, and you know what we share mutual admiration for each other's blog :)

    @Lalit : well, the girl in the story is confused and thinks that is a nice advice, about implied problems, lets wait for her to tell her story... :)


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