The Real Self.

I was just going through Hindustan Times Brunch, which is a magazine that comes along with the Sunday Edition. The theme for this week was "Women's Special". 

The Cover page had a star wife who quotes she never felt the need to behave like a star's wife. That Star wife who has always been under critics bad books due to her dressing sense, quoted that people expect her to be dressed as a Star's Wife, sashay around in Dior gowns, but she asserts that isn't her. On one hand is her super stylish husband, who features in the list of the top cream of Bollywood,and on other hand is this lady,with her own quirky sense of fashion. The special thing about this lady is that she is comfortable in her own skin and doesn't wants to be just her husband's trophy. She is her own person, and not shadow of her illustrious husband.

I really loved that article and the fact that one's own persona is not about clothes or spouse or the society that we walk in, it is in fact about what one wants and how close is one in knowing self.

You can put your best foot forward only when you are comfortable in your own skin. No amount of change for the world can get you that level of comfort. We change for society, for spouses, partners or family when in fact we forget that we are trying to live off their expectations when actually we should live our own life, aspire to fulfill our own aspirations, because we know what we are, we know the inner self. Living life isn't trying to please the whole town...It is about being happy and content with own self, own persona and in touch with own soul...

After all thats the real self...



  1. well said.. we should not allow the cloths that we wear to add our value.. instead the value addition should be for the cloths because WE are wearing them..

  2. The tue self is,perhaps,the most honest.Honesty appeals to anybody whether a person is honestly glamorous or honestly plain jane.
    True. :)

  3. @Harish: yep, after all the clothes are lucky that we chose to wear them! ;)
    @Meh: after all its our life and not the whole town's life! :)

  4. simple and straight!
    loved the "aspire to fulfill our own aspirations" part.
    awesome read.
    thanks for this one sneha!

  5. Thanks a lottt rids!!! that comment really meant a lott for me :)


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