What If...

Its raining here....

Sitting by my window, I am trying to figure out when did I first fell in love with them? From the time I know myself, I have always loved it. 

The smell of the Earth, the darkening of the sky, the pitter-patter on my window, the brightening of the tress, the sparkly squeaky clean path, the drenched dog, the small puddles on the road, the sudden welcoming humid cold, the feel of the air and water on my skin, the smell of filter coffee, the slightly chilly yet warm couch, the crunchy hot snacks, the mild, mysterious lullaby of rain...ahh I guess I am short of words to paint the picture!

In fact, I love Monsoon so much that I wonder, how it would be if it were Monsoon throughout the year, enveloped amidst nature with its stark primality..I really wonder what if I would have been born in a place where it rains throughout the year..Mumbai, is a great place to be, but what if I was born or what if I get a chance to live in Cherrapunji..??!!

To know more about Cherrapunji, do have a look here and here.

I wonder, how it would feel to be surrounded by this beauty throughout the year (No doubt a dream still a nightmare for someone like me who is real favorite of common cold and cough, so much that they are permanently with me through out the year!!)..

The Rain girl in me is already going in her rain -heaven..

See you later..



  1. Agree !! we share the same nerves :)
    But, you value a cool breeze more once you have faced the heat. to maintain the craze u need to feel all seasons :)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog for the first time (from your comments on Saras blog), and I see a lot of stuffs.. which would definitely be a worth to read.

    Great to see the way, you had admired the monsoon and rains. I just remembered this simple quote - "Only few feel the rain, others just get wet..!"

    I do have some comments on the site template and design, will share it on the indispace sometime.

    Keep up your good work. You have got one more reader in me.

    Vijay | msigeek.com

  3. @Sharad: yup, i could tolerate sunny breeze sometimes!! :)

    @Vijay: THANKS A LOTT!!! :)

  4. The pictures did it...they just shadowed your words, loved dem, n yeah even i wish to be in cherapunjee, smtym smday in my life... :)

    My SPacE- Wen i was a boy

  5. the pictures were meant to explain and paint the correct picture, so that even if u dunt have time to read my words you would understand my mesg!!

    Seems it worked!! Thanks!!

  6. Lol..real favorite of cough and cold! :)) The pics are really amazing and also the writing brings out the reluctant rain lover in me..I unfortunately have been caught in the muckiest places during rain so I always shudder at the thought of rain! But ofcourse rain gives life to us...so a person who dislikes rain is a fool.

  7. as i opened ur blog it gave a very cool feeling to my eyes.pictures are amazing.and ur lines are incredible.i loved it.

  8. as i opened ur blog it gave a very cool feeling to eyes.and ur pictures nd poem is fantastic.i loved it.

  9. @SV : m happy to hear that!!! I totally agree with you :)
    @Some unspoken words : :) thanks!!

  10. the pictures speak a hundred words !!!!

    amazing collection....beautifully expressed....

    m crazy about rains too...

  11. Thanks a lott nikki, m happy that i found another rain lover!! ;)

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