This week..

Things that caught my eye this week and those with whom I fell in Love..

1) Guzaarish - Poster: Although I had seen it months back, the haunting look of Hritik Roshan's Eyes got me   mesmerized again this week and it tops my list since Sanjay Leela Bhansali,  and Hritik Roshan are coming together!! What more could I ask for !! :)

2) The Kit Kat Ad: The new Kit Kat ad which features two squirrels romancing on the song " Kaate nahi katte" from Mr. India is really cute and I instantly fell in love with the squirrels!! They are so cute!! If he will sing the song for me, I would not even ask  " Sachi" !! lol

You can view it here.

3) The New Cadbury "Shubh Aarambh" commercials have really caught my eye and without hesitation I would say Kudos to you, Amazing concept. Superb Execution!! You actually got me buying a cadbury to celebrate !! 

You can view the "Shubh Aarambh" Ads here and here.

4) I fell in love with Kirti and Aayush!! Now before, you start getting any weird ideas, they are cute lil angels/devils of my building. Kirti is around 9 months old and Aayush is 5 Months old. They are really cute and naughty and adorable and they really make my day!! :)

5) Rihanna, I really love you babes!! You are mind blowing, your songs are superb, the music is awesome and this week I have been listening to most of her songs!!

You can catch my favorite here.

6) Jay Sean is back!! and that too with a bang!! Loved his latest number ft Nicki Minaj 
If you want to know what I mean, catch the song here.

That's all folks for this week, will keep you updated about the next (In case you are interested to know, do drop by ) 




  1. Nice idea Sne!!!! Will check out all the links!

  2. love your expression...

    omg..i love all of them too except kirti ( cause i dont know them )

    very attractive blog !!!!

  3. gooood work!!


  4. *busy checking out the links..*

    Hey, thanks for posting :)

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  6. @Nikita : hehe nice to knw!!! thankss
    @Vivek: thankss!!
    @ Apoyando : haha thanks, will take care you have continuous supply of links in future! :)
    @Mohammed : thanks you!! will surely go thru your post! :)

  7. Thanks for the updates.. But, is AR Rahman the composer for Guzaarish? Last I heard, it was Bhansali himself!

  8. @Lalit: thanks for pointing out my mistake, i thot it was AR Rahman!! error regretted and corrected :)

  9. That kitkat ad is really very sweet:)


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