Oh Puhleez Stop it!!

Dear Hindi Movie Industry,

I am sick and tired of BOLLYWOOD, I am sick and tired of the illegal remakes, the lifted stories, the inspired remakes, the unthanked so called different movies. I am tired of the music piracy, the story stealing, the frame by frame lifting and still calling the movie original. I am tired of the gloss added to movies and in return forgetting about the story. I hate when they pay more attention to songs,locations, & looks over the script, acting and basic motive of making a movie.

I am tired of the habit of adapting a story but forgetting the writer, I am tired of the annoying remixes. I am tired of  same movie remade every generation, I am tired of listening to garish lyrics. I am tired of the airs the stars have and also the "so called stars" have. I am tired of songs popping out amidst serious plot with no connection to scene and also of stooopid item numbers. I am tired of the hype around number of kisses, nude, semi-nude scenes, drinking and smoking scenes. I tired of the cliches, typecasts and love stories. I am sick of  same actors being repeated again and again irrespective of whether they fit in the movie and also of those who don't know A of acting and yet are casted as actors. I am tired of the budget alloted to mindless movies which are then sent to international festivals.

Bollywood has talent, technology, funds and all that it takes to make sensible films but it is beyond my understanding as to why then they subject me to this kind of torture!! The new age directors have come up with some mind blowing films and I thank them for reducing the torture inflicted on me but the torture remains there nonetheless.

I hope some day, I can expect mindblowing, awesome, superb, fantastic movies churned out from the biggest Movie industry of the world. Please focus on why the movie is being made before focusing on how the movie is being made!!

I want to enjoy and cherish Bollywood movies and not crib about wasting my time, energy and money. Please see to it that you NOTE this point.

Hoping that you would pay attention to the emotions puked here!! (If this goes above your head, please go die somewhere rather than embarrasing and irritating me!!)

Anticipating action at the earliest!!

Thanks and Regards



  1. It's more frustration out fo your job than the bollywood you have seen.Its more important you leave your job first and then sort out your anger.

    Coming back to the blog,so when you ask for better movies/script/music/lyrics etc etc etc you are also promising these makers that you will gurantee people to watch their movies and promise them a housefull board if not everyday atleast on the first three days and supplement their income with a seven figure renumeration for the fuel in their Bentley and Maybachs!

    If you can't promise all of it then i don't see a reason why you ask for certain favours coz they don't ask a favour from you for that they have their own TG!


  2. nice post.. sadly as long as movies like Welcome, Singh is King etc continue to earn huge money while well written lower budget movies flop, things will never change...

    Anticipating action at the earlist ? Sigh.. if only... maybe our grandkids will live long enough to tell us when that day arrives..

  3. @Ashish: thanks for the comment

    First of all, I LOVE MY JOB and I am not frustrated or angry about it.I am tired and overworked but that doesnt mean I hate it. I simply love it.

    Second of all, please do explain to me how movies like Inception, 2012, Matrix, Avatar, titanic, to name a few have rolled cash counters on the box office more than their hindi counterparts that have released simultaneously...or If I may ask, how did Chandni bar, mother India, fashion, lagaan, dil chahta hai, LSD, DevD etc make money...

    The skill lies in the hands of director. Loads of originalty is here available with the country with over 1 billion population, then why we have to make remake of "Stepmom", "Momento" etc???

    TG is created, it doesn't spring on its own and thats the first rule of marketing!


  4. @Roshan: I hope so tooo, but i hope that I gt to enjoy first and later my grand children...


  5. hahahahha

  6. well, IMHO, movies like inception, etc. are exceptions. We cannot talk about exceptions. We also have exceptions in Bollywood. And even there, for every Lagaan, there is a Gadar-Ek Prem Katha.

    If you talk about the average, then our average audience prefers trash movies like the ones that Mithunda made (unfortunately, great actor bad movies).

    If you talk about making movies like Inception, we need to target a very (really tiny) size of the crowd, and interestingly enough, these movies require a lot of money. So, it is not cost-effective (for the average).

    The average Hollywood movie is just as bad as an average Bollywood movie. The problem is that the Hollywood audience is more learned and more well-to-do.

    Bollywood has to make movies that, more often than not, must cater to the approximately 70% of Indian population which lives below the poverty line earning about Rs. 20 per day.

  7. And PLEAASEE..

    Ghajini is not a Remake of Memento (http://www.apunkachoice.com/scoop/interviews/20070702-0.html). You cannot question Aamir Khan!!!!

  8. Lalit, i agree the facts that u pointed out about the indian market, but then please explain me how did the golden era movies with spectacular stories, emotions, acting thrived to be called an ERA and is still remembered!!

    And abt Momento and Ghajini, no matter what Aamir Khan says, it is lifted from Momento, pls watch the movie for your own proof and I can question GOD,Then who is Aamir Khan!! I mean he can also make mistakes, and try and cover them up. He is also a mortal and a human being, agreed but a very good actor but still a mortal!!

  9. haha...

    me too dying to see a good bollywood movieeeee......


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