Repercussions of Relevations

Once upon a time, not so long ago, S and V had super cute rabbits gifted by S's friends. The rabbits were Cookie and Mishti. One hyper naughty and one hyper silent made the perfect combination and were S and V's perfect happy family.

Chirpy and naughty Cookie used to always trouble silent and shy Mishti, while Mishti used to always covor and sit in the corner. One might wonder, rabbits not being naughty is weird but Mishti was a fine example of a sweet little civilised rabbit. Most of S and V's guests used to question the difference of nature of the two but nature is nature was always the reply....

Was nature the reason or something else??

Untill some time back, all was fine, but S started getting worried when she saw tiny lumps below Mishti's belly, they were quite tiny, but they were there, insconspicous yet there...S discussed with V and they both decided to wait for a while to see if there are any effects or symptoms. "Poor Mishti", S thought , "what is wrong with her". S and V had already decided to part with Mishti and Cookie due to some reasons. The thought of living without them was sad but now one more worry was added to their list. Finally S and V decided to take Mishti for a check up before she was given away.

S was quite nervous, and was patting Mishti, cooing in her ears, telling her all will be right. Little did S know, what was in store for her...

S was carrying Mishti with Mishti's back to her ."Doctor, my rabbit has got tumors" S said. The doctor started finely examining Mishti's forearms. He shrugged off, "S there are none". S persisted , " No doctor, examine a bit down" Doctor this time examined Mishti's hind arms and torso, delicately moving the fur, pressing for any lumps, but he couldn't find any! S really got impatient now and she stuck her head in the front and pointed out, " there doctor, down, she has got two tiny lumps!!" Doctor, saw the lumps, and glanced back at S, he moved the fur and exposed the tiny lumps and looked back at S. S was surprised at the sudden change of expression of the doctor. S prayed for everything to be ok. Doctor glanced back at S and said," Madam, its a male, I guess you know what these are.."

S blinked, once , twice and then blanked, she looked at Mishti and then the Doctor, again at Mishti and then the Doctor, ( well this isn't Balaji Serial, scenes are repeated only twice!!) "Mishti and a male! but the petshop owner said she.. I mean he  is a female!! I have been treating her as a female!! Her name is Mishti!! Oh my GOD!!" S's mind was racing at 1000 miles/hour.All the time she thought,treated and acted as if Mishti ...I mean Mishta is a female and now after 5 months!! 5 months, she comes to know that Mishti is a male!! Oh God ,that too in front of a Doctor whom she had approached to examine the so called  lumps! S was embarressed to her core and finally managed to quickly make a move out from there...

Mishti is a Mishta!!

This is  " Pankh" the rabbit way!!

Is this the reason of her ... I mean him being so sulky and silent, did Cookie tease him in rabbit language about being treated as a girl, Oh God , am sure Mishti's male ego must have been crushed. After 5 months of owning Mishti, this relevation hit S badly and the repurcussions they are just not leaving her! Result- sudden  fits of endless laughing amidst unsuspecting crowd, recital of Mishti turns Mishta story to anyone who knows Mishti/Cookie/S/V, Updating the same on her Facebook profile and getting lost in memories,where she had treated Mishti as a female and wondering how much it must have hurt it!!

In words, of S's friend who used to wonder about the silent nature of one rabbit and hyperactive of another," You say its a male, now I know reason behind the nature!!"

But guys, Mishti is a Mishta!!

Morals of the story:

  • Don't believe your pet shop owner. He must have been schizophrenic, crazy, short memory patient or just  plain stupid!!

  • All lumps are not tumors!!

  • Guys, as believed by S's friends are nice and civilised but apparently that fits only for rabbits and not their human counterparts!!

  • And last but not the least - Mishti is a Mishta!!



  1. Mishti is a Mishta !! that was funny ! nice....but why "schizophrenic" ?

  2. as in? the shopkeeper? maybe he must have been imagining his own world like me, so imagined that rabbit is female

  3. not tat , i meant to ask , why do u hv a screen name "schizophrenic" ? tryn to scare away te timid chaps ??? ;)

  4. i will answer your question with a post fr sure, ts been pending fr long!! ;)

  5. :-) Reminds me of "Chandler is a girl"

  6. It did not amuse me for even a second!
    Kill me for being honest.


  7. Cum on Ashish, no issues, will try harder next time :)

  8. thnkss!! I am not so frequent blogger, but the next post will be the promised post!!
    how ever I am not sure when

  9. The indescribable fallacies in our understanding of nature! I've made a few such mistakes myself. Nice Post BTW.

    I got a link to this blog from!/profile.php?id=702005643

  10. thanks!! I guess you are richie's frnd, m i right?

  11. Poor Mishta(i)!

    To add insult to injury you mentioned his name out here... poor chap... must be feeling terribly embarassed. Do some guy thing for him... like let him watch bay-watch with a bottle of carrot juice(or beer!). ;-)

  12. You really know how to make people laugh.
    Wonderfully written. :)

    Poor Mishti err Mishta. :P


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