Helping Hand

Walking towards my destination, I was wondering how much more do I have to walk in the sweltering heat. The address was unknown to me. Every direction asked so far didn't match with the rest. Hungry, frustrated and tired I just wanted to go back home. Never knew, the place called Bandra, where I have roamed every second day from past two years would hide secret corners that I would have to try and locate on a hot afternoon.

Tired of walking in circles, I stopped to ask for direction. The address seemed elusive to the bystander and his blank expression told me I would have to try asking someone else, but three more attempts later, I was still there from where I had started. Fourth attempt ( I had decided this is the last attempt, if unsuccessful, will return back home) - asking directions - person thinking - making some signs in air -thinking out loud - repeating the address - shaking his head and saying he doesn't know.....

Bass, bohot ho I am going home..was on my mind when I heard a voice behind me asking whether I wanted to go to 14th-33rd lane Junction.I turned around and saw a street kid smiling at me.I nodded. She smiled again and said that even she is going there and thus can direct me, I only have to walk along with her. I was apprenshensive,can I trust her? this was the first thought that crossed my mind. Nonetheless, I started walking besides her cautiously, scanning the surroundings, being highly alert.

Like any other kid of her age, she was dancing, swaying on some bollywood tune and hopping along while walking. To relax myself I tried to have a conversation with her, her name was Neha and she along with her 4 brothers and sisters lived behind the 33rd street. She wanted to go to school and read those colorful books but her elder sister , the only sibling who had been to school had ingrained in her that school is a very bad place and they torture students there. Other than singing, she loved to make gajras. She then started asking about me. In this way, we reached my destination without me realising about it. Thrice she warned me," Didi, andhar se chalo, ghadi se takrajao ge."

I reached my destination safely and on time, all thanks to one helping hand, one sweet individual who took it as her responsibility to go out of way and help me out...if one street kid has so much concern then why do the other securely living beings don't bother to help?

I promise to be a helping hand to anyone who needs it....and what about you?



  1. Nice one.. and I respect your decision. However, I have to politely refute the magnitude of your statement.

    1. I have learned in a very hard way that making a promise or deciding something, and sticking to it are two totally different things. The later is exceedingly difficult to achieve with regularity. In many cases, the impact of failure to stick to even simple decisions can be massive.

    2. Helping hand to ANYONE who needs it sounds too much. Can it not be a bit more achievable or sound more realistic? A helping hand is needed every time, everywhere in the world; and you could help in some way or another.

    Just a polite disagreement :)

  2. I respect your views and I don't expect everyone to agree with me afterall to each his/her own...

    Tht kid made me realise that one needs to be kind and helpful whenever possible and somehow it is always possible..

    One just has to try, it might sound far fetched, it might be rational illogical but one can always try..

    In the end , that is purely my thought, my personal opinion..

  3. Helping out comes later. It would be really nice not to misguide if people really don't know the address.. :P


  4. Yes, I agree about differences. If everyone thought as I did, the world would a boring place to live in :)

    And yes, trying is essential. If we don't even think of trying, then the next steps will not happen :)


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