Ode to an Experience-II


Degree College was out of world experience. Unlike my perfect JC experience, degree college was a mixed bag . First year of DC and I was back being the sincerest girl in the town!! Home-College-Home , lectures, studies, revision, notes were the only things on my mind and I was one ideal student! Thank God, it didn’t last long…Zoology pracs with Hanan and Ritika, revamp of wardrobe due to weight loss, omnipresence in college but perpetual absence in lectures, funny and weird chemistry pracs , having 2-3 frankies a day, coming to college as early as 8:30 am just to freak out! Visions…what so I say about it…It can be one separate discussion. It recognised my confidence, my creativity. It gave me awesome friends. It gave me recognition and support when everything else was against me. It gave me Rock Genre of Music to add to my music interests, lessons in politics, learning charcoal sketching, understanding games people play…series of embarrassing moments all in front of the same guy…DC saw me spending more time on Sion station , Reading Hall, Basement , College katta , SB, Canteen, Cinema Halls than ever…If nowhere to go then land in college was my mantra! TP during Biochem lecs, fun with PRS, being sincerely sincere around Sarfare Sir while snore in HOD’S lec. Celebrating Birthdays, creating birthday celebration record in Visions, cooking up excuses to justify coming home late..Man…That was some time!! Along with all this there was also a time that shook me badly, the time where there was utter isolation, confusion, frustration. But these times have been overshadowed by tp with Hanan, masti with My Comp Science-Maths-Botany Gang, Being Alden’s Runaway Bride, Saj’s ever dumping GF, Sathya Love forever !! ( they were my juniors and my cutest friends!!) Aamhi Jeetho tomar with Rosh and Mayu while making the Christmas tree. Urja and Anuja’s Birthday Publicity, sketching with Waste, fighting with Richie…masti with Anto, Kastu, Jenny, Shraddha ,Pooja, Karthik , Eric, Ruchi, Neha, Vivek, Steffi, Prasha and the list goes on…..these memories will always bring a smile on my face….

B-School brought me back to school. Well not exactly but there is school in B-School na !( One of my infamous PJ….Kindly Ignore). This was my first experience of being in all girls environment. Trust me, it was one bitchy, whacky, funny and weird ride!! From Back to back success at inter-college competitions to major time pass in the marathon 3 hour lectures, there wasn’t a moment when we sat still. Movie marathon, exploring Churchgate, Subway sessions, Cleaning Juhu Beach, Gola sessions, Rendezvous with Mocha, canteen time, running around for assignment submissions at the last moment, cribbing about Director and Management, tp with Joy, NK Drooling with Nirvi, Road talks with Anita, dietary tips with Nisha, Gauri’s eternal obsession for my dimple, Darshika’s craze about questions, Dipika’s Eternal Love, Trupti’s passion for singing, Mishi’s love for doodles , black and ugly duckling along with her favourite tp- troubling Naira, Supriya’s crazy laugh,, Harshada’s “Kya re”, Naira’s weird name giving habit, Bhumika – the hara bhara kabab. The list goes on!! Apart from assignments, I don’t think have ever behaved as a management student ever with these pyschos!!

I am not sad, that this has come to end. I am happy, that I was lucky enough to go through this experience. I know I am going to lose many things that this phase offers but I also know that I am never going to lose the memories and learning’s . The next phase will bring in something new to enrich my life and this experience will always ne my partner, companion and guide for life… This is my ode to THE experience and my toast to the time well spent!!




  1. I commented on the first part by mistake. :(

  2. Sneha as seen by Sneha..very insightful, sweet and funny :)

  3. Hey you know what ..I know you better now...I can relate to a lot of experiences you had...and it seems siby was a gr8 friend during JC...nice..I wish you all the success now that you are about to finish B-school

  4. felt like i knew u or somethin....

  5. u look beautiful.....well atleast ur profile pic is.......something magnetic...yup..thats it

  6. @Sayak: its ok baba!! You thought the post is worth commenting means a lott
    @SV: :) trust me it wouldnt have been funny, if u all wouldnt have been a part of it!
    @Shahid: :) Nice to hear that you can relate!! Siby was and is one of good friends and thanks for the wishes...sadly Bschool is also done now..
    @Arun: thanks

  7. " series of embarrassing moments all in front of the same guy " Kya ye wahi ladka hai jo mai soch raha hoo ..

    Yaad hai jiske baare mein hum baat kar rahe the n wo class mein aake gaya ..

  8. @Shu: was it necessary to mention that!!!???? >(

  9. nice to see u pour out ur emotions..n i really appreciate the honesty in ur writing...part II took me thru all the college life we shared together..i saw u come n go.. n its written just as i saw it... nothng more nthng less... we've had good n bad times in degree college...harsh as they were in those younger days, i guess they hav proven beneficial... helped us grow stronger n bolder...n taught us to care a little more abt ourselves ....i wish u a challenging life ahead..bcoz ..when u fight them..happiness follows :-)

  10. Beautiful post. liked it. your post took me through my school and college days. We start the college days as a calm, sincere student and start wagging our tails in a few months.. wonderful experience..



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