Ode to an Experience-I

My exams were done by 19th of April and by 1st May all my submissions were done…I don’t know what am I supposed to say…A chapter of experience has ended and I am feeling very weird. My relation with my courses, books, and educational institutions has always been (to describe using an apt word) mixed. I have loved and hated it simultaneously. There have been many times ( I have actually lost the count ) when I’ve cribbed as well as applauded the above in same breath. Love it or hate it, I can never forget the experience. I have had freedom to be insane , weird , childish , kiddish and mature as and when I wanted to be. This experience has introduced to lot many things like my first failure, crush, like , love , hate , friend , enemy , heartbreak , success , achievement , fight , struggle , scorn , admiration , respect , adventure, truck load of memories  and loads of other uncountable, unaccountable and unmentionable things.

Today, I want to rewind my student life and share with you the experience that made me what I am today…

I would’ve bugging you with details about my nursery days but sadly all I know about that phase is what  Mum has always teased or  recounted!! I have only vague memories about my uniform and my bench mate. My uniform was the white and red checks and red collar shirt with  cherry red pleated skirt. It was very cute uniform and my bench mate was the cutest boy in the class ( I don’t remember his name though ).Mum says that I used to always fight with him and never share my pencils with him. Moral of the story : Realize the value of the ones near you, after all he was the CUTEST guy!! May be if I wouldn’t have fought so much, we would’ve have been still together! You never know!! (Sigh) Some one should’ve taught me this valuable lesson then!! ;) :)

School was a mixed bag. I used to love the Sports’ time , History’s stories , English’s plays ( sometimes science classes too… all thanks to Girija Teacher and Sabina Teacher) , Activity days which specially had drawing, origami sessions as well as jig saw puzzles and unlimited carom sessions . I used to hate Annual days and the days when everyone used to practice for the annual day since I could never participate (except the one alphabet dance in Sr.KG and Planet dance in IVth std). Reason : I am on the darker side of complexion ( or as they call now dusky side of complexion) plus I was taller than the guys who could dance (sadly only a few could !! ) I never had a group to call my own but was friends with the whole class. Major highlights of my school days were: My first time as ranker, my A+Grade in drawing exam, passing Intermediate drawing exam directly without appearing for Elementary exam, passing many other state level drawing exams with flying colors that too along with the hectic IXth std studies, IXth Annual day where I could finally dance on stage!! Scout and Guide camp , being the Company leader of the Guides throughout School, being in the color party for the Independence and Republic day celebrations, Goa trip, Standing 3rd Highest in Social Studies and 7th in the whole batch with 84.53 %  (in spite of being written off by the teachers in prelims for scoring 70%), Getting in the Singing Group, Salian Madam’s  Maths and Science tuitions for Boards, masti with Akanksha, Pallavi , Vaidehi, Shruti , Pradnya and Salian Madam, Gold for wining Kho-Kho for the Annual Sports Meet.

Junior College was THE time of my life. Suddenly from being just an another girl in school, I was Sneha in Junior College. Even after being friends with the whole class I had a group of people to call as my Group ( it seems ridiculous but deep down everyone wants people to belong to and call their own!! Human Psyche). From being a double personality ( quiet in school and mastibomb in tuitions ) I was able to be myself be it in JC or out of it!! People thought I was fun to be with and I was accepted . It felt like I am coming home after a long time… I don’t remember ever studying in JC , Result : the once diligent girl now flunked twice in her most dreaded subject Maths!! I was always afraid of talking in front of public. Accelerated Heartbeats, blank mind, sweaty and cold palms, stammering  attacked me when I was told to read or say something in front of people in school. JC helped me to change it all.The acceptance among friends as the girl who speaks her mind encouraged me to stretch my limits, face my fears and participate in extempore competition. Result : The girl who had once participated in Interschool Elocution and on the D Day just uttered her name, roll number and scurried back to her place had emerged as 2nd Prize Holder!! That extempore competition introduced me to confidence and love and since that day there has been no looking back.. I still have stage fear but that lasts for seconds before I take on the podium , once I am on podium no one is able to detect the fear that lies in my heart…My first sneak out to catch movie , “ 50 First Dates” , lie to get out of home to freak out with friends, first prize in dance competition ( Siby you were a great dance partner!! although you were mad about someone else –Miss R and were hoping you would get a chance to dance with her!! lol  ) I can go on talking about JC, trust me I can go on and on… The mindless non-stop chattering with Ann, Divya, Sandhya , and Reny. The giggling with Monica , the long walks back home with Karthik and Ajit , the cat and dog ( or in Ann’s words Tom and Jerry- though she never said who was tom and who was jerry in this case ) fights, debates, arguments , teasing with VVIP , the infamous truth and dare sessions with my gang, Nair sir’s classes with Neeraj and Soumya, Alex sir’s Huh, Siby’s mimicry sessions in the canteen, VVIP and Siby’s constant efforts to bunk hoodwinking the peon and  strict Class Mam , the chat shows and dumb charades with Krutika and Gang, the once tomboy who thought love, attraction and liking are all crap now was in love,  my first BIG birthday card from Ajit, singing in front of the class….phew…I should stop here and move on to the next set of memories..




  1. Optimistic. Refreshing. Inspiring.
    I hope and I wish that I'll also be able to recollect, reflect, not regret and rewrite my memories, when my college life ends.

  2. Thanks!! I would love to read your recollection !!

  3. Singing in front of class sounds the scariest :P

    Interesting post :)

  4. it wasn't so scary!! ;) thanks!!

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