The day is here…

Happy birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Unaccustomed Earth …Happy Birthday to you!!! Muaaahhh
Finally my baby has turned 2! I am feeling like a proud mother today!
Its been one of its kind experience writing this blog and I take this opportunity to thank all my friends, readers, motivators, inspirations for always being with me with constant appreciation and criticism…I am happy that I am able to keep this blog active by sharing my chattering and ramblings. It feels weird that 2 years back I used to think what should I write? how will I be able to keep up with posting? will some one read and like my posts? will my blog be accepted? I had so many fears but the fact that I am celebrating the second anniversary of my blog and still have lots of say has subdued my fears…
I am not the best but I am happy there is a niche group that loves to read what I have to say and believe me, that’s my fuel and booster for morale…I will try my best to maintain as well as improve and keep churning out more whacky, funny, dreamy, sarcastic ramblings!!!
Gifts that my baby received are:
New labels from mama Schizophrenic; on this day I am planning to start two new labels : My tryst with shutterbug and Different Language.
I first introduced My tryst with shutterbug as a slideshow and on getting nice response for the pictures taken, I am now planning to post them individually. Different language has no relation with language classes; it is in fact corner for sketches and paintings made by me…we all speak words and sentences but paintings have a language of their own…
Ranking and Love from Indiblogger
Recent jump of rank from 37 to 69 was indiblogger’s advance gift for my baby and now they have done it again by voting for me generously!! In the recent Indiblogger of the Month contest, Unaccustomed Earth received 4th Highest votes!! I may not be elected as number one but this is a huge achievement for me and my baby blog. Loads of comments, love , appreciation, criticism and votes from indiblogger community has definitely been a lucky, heartwarming and amazing gift!! My baby blog really thanks all the supporters as well as non supporters for the love and frequent visits…
Renie commenting on Unaccustomed Earth and tweeting blog quote on twitter
Renie recently commented on the post and also tweeted a blog quote on twitter…It is a big honor that you know Unaccustomed Earth exists in the huge family of Indiblogger! Thanks!!
Lalit Patil mentioned Unaccustomed Earth as a part of his viewpoint
When Stalwarts mention amateur in their blogs, that is a BIG thing of the amateur and in this case, a casual mention of Unaccustomed Earth on Lalit Patil’s blog is a big thing for me!!
Unaccustomed Earth is loved by 26 Stalwarts
Unaccustomed Earth started with  only Schizophrenic’s Close Friends as readers but today 26 Stalwarts love Unaccustomed Earth and follow the posts!! Imagine 26 Gods wanting to read what you have to say and you will come to know the extent of mine and my baby blog’s happiness!!
Dudo giving my baby her first award
Dudo has been kind enough to bestow an award on Unaccustomed Earth
These are some of the outstanding gifts that my baby has received on turning two!! I pray that this trend continues year on year…
Thank You



  1. Stalwart!!!! That is over-praising!

    wish u keep growing wiser and bigger and see lots of success!
    muah...lots of love from ur mausi :D

  3. @Arif: thanks!!
    @Lalit Patil: no ways!! its the apt description
    @ Gyanban: thanks!!
    @Ana: thanks!!!

  4. @Mallika: thankssss a lotttt!!!! my baby is veryyy happy to recieve love from her mausi!!! :)


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