Youngistaan Ka WOW!!

For the first time, My blog is participating in some kind of contest. The contest is Pepsi Indiblogger of the Month and the question is as follows:
If I were the game master , what challenge would I like to throw to Ranbir?

The catch is that the one with highest comments would win. I have tried to make the challenge interesting and now its in your hand whether I win or not. I request you to be generous with your comments and help me out!!

My challenge is :

Answer this and take Pepsi

It is seen that the one who gives always has an upper hand,
the donor stands tall due to the gracious act of giving...
the one takes always spreads his hands below the one who gives..
and thus is always lies bowed down..

this is the normal case of act,
unknowingly or knowingly,
it goes on and on,
the one who gives always stands above the one who takes it all...

find out the case,
one of its kind,
when roles are same,
but places are reversed...

In this case,
the only one,
the taker has an upper hand,
the donor is placed down...

Rack your brains,
find your sense,
Just praying is not going to help here,
its the observation that rules
answer karo to pepsi
nahi toh throw him out of round...

 This riddle is composed by me and only me, so you are for sure not going to get the answer anywhere else..Do try and answer, because although like all riddles this seems weird ; it is very easy.

And ya, do comment and lemme know what you think the answer is!!!

For making it more easy here are some pointers:

  • The answer has to be absolute, as in no probabilities and possibilities. 
  • Think beyond people and situations.
  • Main clue is in the riddle itself.
  • The taker is ALWAYS  above the giver in case of answer.
(Please sign in before you comment, unsigned or anonymous comments wouldnot be counted)
I can't make it more easy!!
Cum on now, start racking your brains!!



  1. d person whom u bribe has an upper hand than d person bribing!!!

  2. Nice try Sneha!!

    But that is not the answer!!

    In your case, the person who takes the bribe still opens his palm before the bribe giver, his hands are still under the hands of the giver!!

    the words used are having more than one meaning.. after all its a riddle...

    Nice try ;)

    Keep in racking your brains

    Thanks for the comment btw!!

  3. Are you talking about the PaniPuri customer

  4. Rajat! there again in the act the person who gives is above the person who takes!!

    Nice try ;)
    but wrong answer..

    cum on rack ur brains sum more!!

  5. i agree wit sneha.. wen u bribing....

  6. wen u gv a pen or bottle to sumone...

  7. @ Hanan: nope!! nice try but nope!!
    but even wen u r giving pen ur the person who takes it again spreads his palm and ur hand is above his and u place the pen on his palm!!

    wrong again!!

    cum on re, its easy
    u can do it

  8. @Hanan: again the giver is uppar and the taker is neeche!! i want it vice versa

    plus in the case of the riddle , come what may but the taker is always above and the giver is always below never changes/...

  9. i'll kill u sneha!!!

  10. lol if that is the answer it is again wrong!!!

    on a serious note!! nooo!!! abhi toh m too young to die!! ;)

  11. laddo dete waqt.. u hold d tray wile gvng.. n d person taking it takes frm above.. toh uska haath upar n dene wale ka neeche hua naa!!! yay yay yay!!! i got it!!!

  12. @Hanan: wrong again!!

    the case that u cited can have many possible ways!!

    but the answer of ma riddle, it always remains that way
    dene wala neche aur lene wala uppar
    hanan u just cited a situation
    wich is one of possibilites

  13. so when u r giving offerings to the god ur hand is always lower to tht of the taker who is givin u blessings

  14. how bout giving an exam....oe wud definitely hv a lower hand!!!

  15. Ankur ! thanks for trying and commenting
    but wrong answer!!

  16. Thanks Viraj, thanks yaar for comments, nice try

    but wrong ans :(

  17. thanks rajat for replying but sorry its a wrong ans!! :(

  18. When the substance being exchanged is snuff. So did I get it or did I get it? :]

  19. i guess the fire lit during aarti...

    the giver always has his hands below and the receiver has his hands above...

  20. @Rakshit: nice angle of thinking!!
    but even in exchange of snuff, there are possibilities and probabilities.
    I mean to say, lete aur dete waqt the giver can be above or below!! I need an absolute answer..

    Thanks for commenting!!

  21. @Richie: hey thatz a new angle never thot of it!!

  22. Women on Top!!! ;) the naughty angle

  23. another possibility. donor's height is less than that of the taker...

    donor could be a small kid giving something to some elder...

  24. um hw abt organ donation?the dead below and the taker above..

  25. @Richie: neva thot u could be soo creative??? lol
    @Malli: keep trying!!

    thanks fr commenting!!

  26. @mallika arrey a person can donate a kidney and still live...

  27. medal awards ceremony during olympics... the winners always are above the one who puts the medals round the winners neck is always below...

  28. @Richie: i guess I have tickled ur CREATIVE BONE!!

    "neck is below" lol that was tooo gud!!

  29. It can be when sumone proposes...
    like bending on knees and offering a rose...!!
    Or in the knightly way.. when a sword is offered to a King for the first time..its offered on the knees...!! :P

  30. Everyone has tried everything.. I will not try it.. just leaving my comment here to increase your chances of winning ;)

  31. Dinosaur he is the taker of lives which are below

  32. @Kritika: m sure now u r a die hard ROMANTIC!! wow grl , thanking fr commenting and ya keep thinking!! in the case of proposal,there are many possibilities and probabilties again!! same in case of knight!

    thanks again,do keep on supporting me!!

  33. @Farila: that was so sweet of you!! thanks for the support and wishing you the best too!!

    @Rajat: wow!! m getting new ideas!!
    thanks for commenting!! keep trying

  34. You need to moderate your blog, if you need the answer. Am I right?

  35. I want to sleep.... come on people think hard..
    I am thinking... is it low punch

  36. @Deep: i didnt get you
    @Rajat: come on ,come on you can crack it!!

  37. All brains are on a holiday

  38. Deep please sign in and post ur comments otherwise they wont be counted for the competition :(

  39. rajat I would publish the answer soo, till then keep guessing

  40. hey nnice post!
    ive been guessing but I think i can only think naughty here..maybe my perv mind :)

    jokes apart, nice post!

    and u can check my post here at my page:

    ur comment wld be invaluable!tx.

  41. I'll wait for the answer then :)

  42. God help me to win youngistan ka wow 50 lakh rupees.

  43. all the best Neeraj!! may ur wish be granted

  44. I think it is apology!! (Ohh God please lemme be right!)

    Because the individual who takes it always stands above the person who gives it...

    Nice riddle! ;)
    Do check out my entry too! :)

  45. Thanks Sourabh!! But sorry to say it is wrong answer!! please keep thinking and commenting!!

  46. okay I give up.........this just cannot come to me.......let the cat out of the bag now will you??? .....................plzzzz

  47. Addy, the cat is secure in the bag and will be let out once the voting results are out !! till then Mr. IItian go on racking ur brains and please do keep commenting!

  48. When will the results be out??

  49. i think ure talkin bout god.. God takes lives of people when theyre dead, and we people we give offerings to god to make our life happy.. So God is ALWAYS above the donors we people..
    check out my entry.. not so complicated.. wont whack ranbir's brains out.. :P

  50. hey shashi, the riddle is about the taker being above the donor and not viceversa...still thanks fr excercising ur brain and commenting!!! :)

  51. nice 1 ...

    is it machchar ..
    hez da 1 whuz sitting on the hand n sips in blood frm hand ...
    n aisa hamesha hota hai .. atleast mere saath toh ... lol

  52. btw where is the answer?



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