Finally the Indirank is here!! 
37 to 69...thatz the best high Jump I have ever recorded.!!!!

It has really triggered many emotions....

Its One month and 6 days since I have joined and this one month has given me loads of friends and appreciation for my so called weird and waste blog!! My blog's 2nd Anniversary (May 2nd )  is coming up and I really thank Indiblogger for the wonderful gift in form of Indirank!

When  had started blogging I had no clue as to what a blog is and what am I supposed to write! I used to keep a diary but my laziness hated that her attention was shared!! ( After all she's a girl's Laziness!!) However I started blogging and decided to atleast update once month. I don't know what blogging is all about, I just know here I can write anything and everything I like and its my space. Moreover if anyone shares the same thought we can have a great discussion too..bass this is why I blog.

A month back I was just browsing blogs and I came upon this guy's blog who had a indiblogger badge on his blog. Normally I shy away from any kind of commercialization of blog  as in I believe I should write because I feel like and not because I have to keep up with ranks and badges but dunno why indiblogger caught my attention and I visited the site. Bang in half an hour, I ,for the first time in life became a part of a blogging community!

Initially my friends Richie, ridz, shu, Sv, Kuni  ,Mallika were the only readers that I had, they have always appreciated whatever I forced them to read!! thanks y'll . Their comments and critics egged me to write more and expand my horizon and always strive to write the unexpected. I was however more lazy than I thought and within few months my poor blog joined the list of inactive blogs..

Had no idea how and why but one day I really felt guilty about neglecting writing, something that gives me solace (apart from reading ) Slowly came into momentum again but the impetus that indiblogger provided was unbelievable. Suddenly even in middle of having my meal , my mind is abuzz with stories that i have to pen down or poems that could be written or any tit bit that I have to share!

I have faced lot of critics for my blog. 
Some said it bakwas and immature
Who the hell would want to read sucha stupid blog. 
If these are called stories then I would stop reading them! 
Are you 22 year old? I seriously doubt it after reading that thing that you call as your blog
Why do you torture people by writing!! Your writing sucks, in fact I don't wana insult writing by saying that you write..

These are few gems that I have heard as anonymous comments or comments by friends..I used to feel bad but since I love blogging I decided come what may, I will blog, I don't care if someone doesn't read it.I would be happy that I have shared...

Indiblogger has given me soo many appreciations, comments , praises ,votes on my blogs that I feel as if its ok if I write bad,insensible and foolish..atleast my blog has someplace to call as home.....



  1. Congratulations on your new indirank! Good jump for sure. Wishing you the best to scale many more such highs :)

    Well, regarding what other people say about your blog - I have nothing but a song to cheer you up.
    Kuch toh log kahenge... logon kaa kaam hai kehna... :D

  2. Congratulations on your new indirank! Good jump for sure. Wishing you the best to scale many more such highs :)

    Well, regarding what other people say about your blog - I have nothing but a song to cheer you up.
    Kuch toh log kahenge... logon kaa kaam hai kehna... :D

  3. Hey congrats...get to enjoy blogs like this thanks to Indiblogger, so can understand the appreciation for Indiblogger.
    A blog is in many ways your identity, and no two identities are the same. My blog is very different form yours, but still I enjoy it, so take people who criticize in a silly manner with a pinch of salt. I mean, if you are 22, you are meant to write like somebody in their 20s, and not like somebody in their forties, so what do people expect? :)
    I have been thinking about commenting on your movie quote blog, but picking out just 5 is bloody difficult :)

  4. "...atleast my blog has someplace to call as home" - you just made our day with that line. Thanks for the post, and keep blogging! :-)

    - The IndiBlogger Team

  5. congrats for ur new rank! I believe blogging is about putting forward our thoughts and beliefs.

    There will be people who don't like the way we think but then not everyone agreed when Archimedes uncle discovered density!! ;0

    btw did u attend any of the indiblogger meets?

  6. i cant believe why anyone would say such horrid write very beautifully..its true and honest...keeep writing..coz we will keep reading..muah..n yes, congrats!

  7. @Mohan: Thanks a lot!! its all because of you readers!! and I think its better i take other people's comments with a pinch of salt...thanks for the song, indirank and you song has surely cheered me up!! :) :) and wishing you cheers for your rank as well!!

    @Vasu: I am honored that you enjoy my blog, such comments really boost me up!! I agree with you, a blog is really very close to one's identity and yup I take comments with pinch of salt, afterall they atleast took pains to go thru it!! thats enuf for me..and I am waiting for the them fast!!

    @Renie: it is a fact!! thanks for such a wonderful blogging community!!

    @rockinrav: thanks a lot, congrats for ur rank too..nope da, mumbai is still waiting fr indiblogger meet..moreover I have been with indiblogger only for One month..looking forward for meets!!

    @Mallika: thanks a lot dear! you have been among the first readers of my baby...will try my best to keep more beautifully ...thanks a lottt!!

  8. Congratulation son your jump in Indirank! You have a great blog, I love to visit it.....look people criticize and brickbat always, you cannot be or write so perfect that everyone will like you and your work. Someone has to keep the scale balanced, isn't it? Just concentrate on the good things, the nice comments you get, even a small one like "Good blog!" Use them as your moral booster and you'll find yourself just writing and not caring for the reviews and comments. But never forget you readers, a blogger is a blogger because of his/her readers!
    and Renie commented on your blog!! Never seen that happen in my 2 months on Indiblogger!!! You are the privileged one!
    Happy Blogging!

  9. Hi first of all congrats on your giant leap of the indiblogger rank. and may it reach greatest heights. Its glad to hear that you din't give up blogging inspite of all the critics and sarcastic comments on your thought flow. I like your easy go and +ve attitude... Hope to hear more from you and keep blogging. Hope this award from me cheers you up.


  10. higher indirank..... :) \,,/

    i joined indiblogger a long time 8+ months but realized it's potential of bring readers to me......just a 3-4 months i use indiblogger more than ever.....i have been blogging for close to 3 years now....and have been part of many blogger communities.....but Indiblogger is the only one which bring such quality readers to my blog

    welcome to the community......hope to be regular here....\,,/

  11. Nice jump! and you write good - I have always thought, although I did not follow this site for quite some time.

    Thoughts that do not generate controversy are usually not very useful nor interesting.

    Writing in this kind of public domain means that you will, now and in the future, receive criticism, and not all of it will be constructive; some of it will be downright insulting. What you write is your personal view. What they write is their personal view and I'd just say "Thank you, I respectfully disagree with the view and the tone." Remember Gandhigiri? :-)

    As you mentioned, it is imporant to view the critics, even the harshest and nonsense ones, as people who did read through your blog and found it interesting enough to present a view and, hopefully, contributed to your indirank ;)

    You can take umbrage at the language and tone that these people use to express their views, but then you have the right to moderate the comments, and you are indeed paying the price of writing on the Web.

    What people fail to understand, unfortunately, is that not all of us are the same. Each one has positives and negatives.

    If people are upset at your English, then they need to understand that given time, most of us can write flawlessly. The issue is time - do all of us have the time to write correct English. If people are coming here to look for correct English, then they need to go elsewhere. If they are coming here to read stories that Jhumpa Lahiri or RK Narayan wrote, then they need to read Interpreter of Maladies or Malgudi days, not Unaccustomed Earth.

    One of the primary reasons that I visit your blog regularly, rather did so previously, is that your writing is such that I feel as if you are talking to me! I wish I could express as well as you do when I was your age.

  12. @Addy: thanks!! :) :) :) and never knew Renie never commented on someone elsez blog!! I surely feel privilaged!!

    @Dudo: thanks a lottt!! I will try and keep up my spirits since you like my posts that way!! and thanks a lot for your award!!

  13. Congrats !
    for new rank

    by the way...Lovely Blog

  14. congrats dear.. now keep up the good work.. Thats the key..

  15. Hi, Hav Casted the vote 4 u at the indiblogger of d month!!!! it would be a pleasure to c one of my frns blog up there... gud luck!!!



  16. @ Hitesh: thanks a lott and I think so too!! I would try my best to be regualar

    @Lalit: thanks a lott!! I AM HONORED!! gosh will have to try harder now!! but m nt complaining!! :)

    @Roshan: :) thankss!!

    @DUDO: THANKSSS!! That was soo sweet of you!!

  17. @Schizophrenic Just in case, you are climbing a Gram (Harbhara) plant, note that I said express, not write :P (j/k!!!)

    Also, maybe, if you want, you need to write about your name - Schizophrenic. Why that one, etc.?

  18. nice thot!! will come up wid a dedicated post to my name soon :)

  19. Congrats man...welldone! You are a very good writer and those comments deserve 2 only b ignored. Your writing style is unique keep at it and dont (u dare) change it!

  20. thanks SV for being sucha a darling!!! :))) promise wont change!!

  21. I will be honest. The only reason I came to your blog was becoz u looked pretty in ur profile picture.

    That being said, u have a pretty decent blog..u write as u say it probably..its wht i wud call an honest blog...

    keep writing...moon anyone who says otherwise.

  22. thanks for being honest and the appreciation!!


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