Is it Me?

There are times when you really want to weave the story and recite it but then you feel naah, somethingz missing....there is something missing here too... is it the story or is it me?

It feels weird when you know your life is complete, you may not be having everything and may also be not wanting more at the moment....but still there is some space of it desire or is it me?

The days go great and the nights full of dreams; where the world of imagination opens up for you and takes you for a new ride....but still you you wake up it the dream or is it me?

My fingers etch to spray that canvas with color and paint a new picture everyday, but there is something holding back , something that tells me its not it emotion or is it me?

Wanting to go back the memory lane to relive some of the most memorable times, some exciting, maybe weird but everyone interesting....but still the hurting ones spoil the it hurt or is it me?

So much of blabbering and so much of thinking; constant plans and replans...priorities and objectives....but still there is lot of gap and it life or is it me?



  1. Why when I have everything there is still something missing?
    Why the past hurts me when today I am happy?
    Why when I want something I cannot have it?
    Why when I can have something I do not want it?
    These and the other y's will soon find the answer. I am living and life will answer me.

  2. I can so relate to this, and so would any normal person who appreciates life and its myriad of emotions.

    Is it your blog, or is it just me :)

    Good one...!

  3. @Rajat: hmmm good one..
    @Vasu: :) thanks!!

  4. everyone here seems to b like u!!! (poetic n all i mean).. bt really its amazing hw i knew u for soo long n still i dont knw u... is it u or is it me??????hehe

  5. hmmm..nice thoughts...and even nicer comments :)

  6. @hanan : m nt poetic re!! just some words here and there.
    @riddhi: thanks!!!

  7. well look at the common it me?
    may be yea........

    past is always luring....remembering those beautiful moments you lived but ahead are more of those beautiful memo's.....

    but i can't say that......very much stuck in my own past.....

    beautiful lines.....loved it

  8. Woah!! a mind blowing blog... i loved most of your posts.. would really love to come back again to read it!!!

    Keep blogging


  9. "Schizophrenic" umm... ur name scares me!!!!
    Well! Congratulations on such a big leap! And i cant imagine people saying such stuff about ur blog. I would have kicked some serious ass!!!

    Nice blog. keep writing!


  10. @Dudo: thanks a lott!!! and you have got there a nice blog!!

    @Azad: schizophrenic is a sweet name!! lol ;) if there are people who have said negative then there are some like you all who rave about it!! thanksss!!

  11. hi thanks for the appreciation you have been tagged here:



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