Faith,Hope and Luck-Prologue

In case, you havn't been through the previous parts of the story, you can catch them here:


So we finally come to the end of the story...I hope you enjoyed the is harsh and so are conditions but those who fight win and those who give up lose...I  thank you for going through the series and am sure you might be wanting to know what are Jack, Kim and Cody doing 5 months hence...

Jack, is back on his feet, with full focus and determination he is now preparing for the upcoming Musical Romeo and Juliet and is in talks with some Hollywood casting agents but he doesn't date anymore ...Strange na..Doc had said he would be able to just walk but being the IT guy Jack showed what he is made up of...

Kim left the troupe to study further ...She is now with the Southglenn University majoring in Music therapy, she left the troupe after doing leftover production, the one before Romeo and Juliet...She is going steady with her classmate Jude and will be getting married next week...Do attend their wedding!!

Cody is now the second lead of the troupe...he eventually got his dream come true, he was paired as main lead against Kim in the production before Romeo and Juliet. Although they hit off well, Kim was not sure about Cody and didn't want to be associated with her troupe mates anymore. Cody also felt the same and found love in Jenny, the costume designer for the troupe. Jack still being the favorite of Coach is the main lead but Cody is happy with life...

So here their journey comes to an end but ours doesn't , Do look out this space for furthur ramblings...
till then, stay tight be happy and Keep reading!!


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