Faith,Hope and Luck-III

Here comes the third part of the series...the first part and second part can be read here:


Oh God!! I can't believe it!! Did this really happen!! I just can't believe my luck!!  thank you soo much!! This is my Que. to work harder and I will!! How on the earth!!

It was final dance rehearsal today, we are to perform tomorrow night at 8. At the starting of the rehearsal Coach called me and Kim and asked us to pair together for the next to next  production i.e. Romeo and Juliet !!! 

Kim, the most beautiful, graceful and sensuous girl of the troupe. From the day, I had joined the troupe, my sole aim was to pair with her. She normally leads with Jack. 

Jack, the IT guy of the troupe. Handsome, flexible and  flirtatious. Kim's boyfriend and most wanted guy of the troupe. Together they are the dashing pair of the troupe and so popular that every producer of Broadway wants to work with them. 

Me, the " 3rd-left- from- the- last" boy of the troupe. Luck beamed on me 3 years back and I was selected for Broadway. I thought I had arrived and now all stars would shine for me. But first day at rehearsal and I came to know what was in store for me.

I clearly remember the first day, I had arrived bang on time at the studio. There was some practice going on. The girls were rehearsing their part before the guys join in. That was when I had first seen Kim. Amidst all the girls she was looking like fresh blossomed flower. Her grace, poise, looks and expressions killed me then and there. I decided, she is going to be my partner ; now and always!! Although I had enjoyed fair share of girls' attention before, I felt nervous as hell.

Before I could approach her, the guys joined in and this guy went ahead of rest and kissed Kim!! She blushed and hugged him back.My dreams shattered then. But I was never the one to give up. Trying very hard to win her attention I was doing every step with double force and energy, but I guess I overdid badly. That night my body gave up and was lying in bed for 2 weeks. Instead of making an impression I went into oblivation .....

So today after 3 years,4 months, and 21 days,when coach called me and said that Jack can't join in due to his  accident, I just could not believe my ears!! I was in 12th heaven and above ( if there is one above that!!).I am dancing with Kim!!! Then maybe we would befriend post show, she might join me for a date and who knows maybe I might replace Jack both in Kim's life and troupe!! The next production is going to take 4 months and then lalala Romeo and Juliet!! i.e. Me and Kim!!

wait a second, Coach calling ( might have called to ask about my timings!! after all I am lead now!!)

"Hey Cody, wassup"
"Hey Coach, nothing was just going to sleep, anything important?"
"Yaa, You were good today (see I told na , he is impressed!!! :) :) )"
"Thanks Coach!! I am trying my best"
"One more thing Cody, Just had a talk with Jack's Doc, according to him Jack should be fine and on his toes in like 5 we have decided to put the decision of lead on hold"
"But sir.."
"I agree you are good, but he is our star!! Don't get disheartened, there is always a next time,ok then see you tomorrow,better luck next time, sleep well, good night"

Sleep well!! How can he do this to me!! Jack!! could you rest and not come for one production!! one bloody production!! arrrggghhh, 
better luck next time!! huh, luck my foot!! My luck never supports me!!! there goes my chance again!!

Stupid luck are you happy now???


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  1. F,H,L-III
    Same plot as d 1st 2 parts
    High on an emotion & den KLPD...
    Where will d story go from here???
    Jack still un-aware that Kim knows abt him&Sam, will try 2find support in Kim.
    Perhaps Kim mite be moved by Jack's condition & 4give him.
    The scorn of a woman is wat Jack gets back & may be lady luck mite smile on Cody in d form of Kim.



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