Faith ,Hope and Luck- II

Following is the second part of the above named series, You can go through the first part of the series here …Happy Reading!!


ray-of-hope copyI am so ecstatic!! Its not that I never hoped this day would come, but now that it has,I can’t believe it !! Am I dreaming? Is the result of hoping from heart so strong? Hope has motivated me ever since I was a kid.I always knew I wanted to be a Hollywood star!! I grew up watching Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger and I had always dreamt of joining their league. Dance has always been my passion and it lead me joining Broadway. Although Broadway is league apart from Hollywood it gave me precious exposure and taught me the discipline. I had expressed my Hollywood dream to Coach on day One and he helped me in every possible way. My dream, my hope has been my strength , my motivator and I am happy that the day has finally arrived!! I cleared auditions for the lead of Woody Allen’s NEXT and have been asked to meet for finalizing the Casting details!! Sam and me are going there.No one knows about it , I am planning to surprise everyone and thus have told everyone that am going to Kevin’s Party!! I am so happy that I just can’t sit still!! I am so thankful to Coach, I don’t know if I can ever repay him.

Coach, Our troupe instructor at Broadway.Smart , hardworking, compassionate, tough and dedicated, there is no one better than him. Hardly anyone knows that he used to choreograph action at  Hollywood!! Pretty shocking for a Broadway Instructor!! He moved from Hollywood to Broadway 8 years back and I must say is really doing a great job. Today he is one of the most popular instructors’ and I am really really lucky that I got a chance to work with him and have him as my friend.
Samantha aka Sam, my soul mate. Beautiful, vivacious, sexy and smart. Met her here at Broadway. She is perfect except for her drug abuse habit. Year ago, we nearly parted ways due to that. But everything settled back to normal eventually. I am happy that it got settled, what would I have done without her in life? I have even moved in her apartment that she shares with Nichelle. All is well, except Kim.I started dating her during Sam’s Drug abuse period and never had guts to tell me about me and Sam coming together. In fact, today I asked her for marriage and Boy!! she was so happy. I thought that will stop her nagging for a while. Then,I would breakup later citing my inability of maintaining long distance relation to migration to Hollywood.
Me, the ever dreamy guy. Started Broadway 5 years back hoping to make big there and then in Hollywood..What more should I say…actually nothing more to say other than that I am very happy today!!

Hey wait a second, I am getting a call…

Bright light, SCREECHH,THUD, Blank….

Hi, Jack, How are you feeling now?”
What’s going on??”
Ssssshh Jack, everything is alright”
Why am I here? and.. and what happened ?”
Jack…relax, the Doc is going to be here any minute…”
Hello Jack”
Doc, what is going on? Where is Sam?”
Jack,you and Sam met an accident, due to which you have minor burn on the right side of your face and some other injuries here and there.There is nothing to worry…please relax…I will ask Nichelle to join us”
Doc,Tell me the whole truth, I can handle it…just tell me”
Fine, right side of your face has minor burns, we have performed surgery , the scar should be gone in like a month. Your left leg is fractured and thus you may be out for a while…”
DETAILS Please!!”
Ok.Ok..Your left femur has been shattered due to the impact into 5 pieces, to keep that in place we had to insert a rod and two of your ribs have been fractured…”
When will the steel rod go??!!”
Never…It is to keep your femur in place but with proper treatment you should be able to walk in 5 months hence…I must say you are one lucky guy, you managed to escape death!! seeing the car wreck no one would say there did be any survivors”
WHAT!! You know I am an dancer!! My movie is due, I have so many things to do!! How can I wait for 5 months??”
I am sorry Jack”
Hey wait, and Sam,where is she? How is she?”
I am sorry Jack, we couldn’t save her…we lost her on the way to hospital.”

WHAT!! How!! when...WHY!!! why? How could this happen? everything was so perfect!! Sam....I am sorry, You always used to warn me about talking while driving...If only, I hadn't paid attention to the cell...if only...all that I have done in my life has been wiped out,you have left me...why,ohh please come back,one chance, one chance,that is all I ask for,I promise,I swear I would strive to be the most perfect individual...please...All my life, I thought I could get away from anything I do, I know I was wrong but please don't be soo harsh....Sam...Sam...Hope is overhyped!! it never helps!! it just shows dreams and then pulls you down badly in life..its illusion ...a BIG BLOODY ILLUSION...

There goes my dream and life…I want to scream, cry but don’t know why the emptiness and shock is not allowing me…Hope never comes true…Hope never helps…Hope kills…Hope destroys…Never again I am gonna hope about anything…there is nothing left to hope about…

Hope devastated my life…



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