Faith, Hope and Luck-I

For the first time I’ve tried writing interconnected series.
Faith,Hope and Luck series is based on my most favorite saying,"Faith,Hope and Luck: Biggest Motivators………Biggest Excuses." Following is the first part of the series:


Keeping faith is one of the main pillars holding love and relation in place.Being a devout Catholic,I believe in the sanctity of love and marriage.Devoting one’s body and soul to beloved is my idea of love.Having faith in him is my expression of love. I don’t know how am I able to keep calm when today is one of the happiest day of my life. Jack, the love of my life, the man of my dreams proposed marriage today!!! Faith, I owe this to you. Without faith in my love and feelings, without faith in Jack, this wouldn’t have been possible.I’ve always heard but today I have realized faith indeed is motivation and strength.

Jack, the man of my life,the ever flirtatious,smart and the most popular guy of the troupe. 4 years back,when I had joined the troupe I had no idea that one day my dream of being Jack’s Girl would come true!!
Samantha aka Sam,the Queen of the troupe. She was the female lead of the troupe then. She was hot, beautiful and fully aware of her appeal and effect on guys. She was truly gifted in matter of looks and dancing ability.However the attitude that came along, the habit of drug abuse killed half her effect. She was Jack’s Girl and everyone who tried to come near Jack or Lead Dancer role was her enemy.
Me, the fresher of the troupe; was warmly welcomed in the troupe. With my decent looks, urge to learn and perform and huge potential I managed to win hearts of the troupe as well as Coach.Jack, tired of Sam’s nature and drug abuse also became a good friend. Faith in my potential and self had brought me to Broadway and I was sure that faith in Jack would surely ensure a joyous future.

faith_wall09085_1280 copyI still remember the day Jack asked me to be his Girl!! I was overjoyed yet apprehensive. He had recently separated from Sam. I didn’t wanted to be just another shoulder to cry on. Amidst the room full of orchids and candles, he went down on his knees to propose me!! I couldn't believe any of my senses and had lost the count of pinches that I thought would wake me up from the beautiful dream that was unfolding in front of me. My apprehension surpassed my joy and I had confronted him about Sam. In reply. he had explained that all love was lost between them and there was no turning back. I felt most reassured when he said those four magical words," Keep Faith in me" Consequently Sam left the troupe and our magical days had began…
Hey wait a second, I am getting a call. I think its Jack…can’t stop blushing!! Just 2 hours back we had a chat when he was on his way to Kevin’s party. 
Oh! …… its not Jack, its Nichelle, Sam’s Roomie…Wonder why she has called me??!!

Hey Nichelle”
Kim!! Oh Thank God you answered!! Since when I have been trying the numbers of your Coach and Troupe members, but no one’s answering!!”
Calm down Nichelle,what happened? and where did you get my number from?”
I had heard about you from Sam,Jack’s Girlfriend, I hope you know her”
Nichelle,I have heard about her, she is Jack’s Ex, but where did you get my number from?”
Ex!!! Bullshit!! I guess you don’t know but Sam and me are roomies! I know better. They had a row about her drug abuse, a year back, but have been going steady since then!! Jack has even moved in the spare room of our apartment!!”
Anyways, I didn’t call to discuss their relationship status. I got your number from Jack’s cell. I could contact only you from the troupe. Please inform the Coach. Jack and Sam were on their way to Kevin’s party but on their way they met an accident… Hello……Kim….are you there……Hello…..Kim…..”
Keep Faith in you!!! you piece of S***!! I loved you more than anything !! How could you do this to me……what wrong did I do?? Why!!!!! Why me???? why…..

Where has Faith lead me to……



  1. Interesting quote.I think you have fabric of a good story in place,look forward to your next post.


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