Beyond Reason

It is not a matter of like,
nor is it something that you dislike;
Sometimes in life you do things,
like flying off the edge without wings,
jumping like a jumping jack,
or frowning like a cow.

Why try to find logic,
when ignorance is bliss;
Why to worry,
when being carefree is the key.

Let stars be mystic,
planets unknown,
questions unanswered,
life unplanned,
roads unmapped,
secrets undiscovered.

Life's Beyond Reason,
why try taming it,
the more its wild,
the fun it is.

There's a world beyond reason,
It is not a matter of like,
nor is it something that you dislike;
Sometimes in life you do things,
Beyond Reason,
just beyond reason...



  1. And it is beyond reason to ask at 3 in night.. some questions are really beyond reason

  2. smtngs r beyond reasns.. thn y u stopping me?? dats beyond reasn for me!!!

  3. Ahh!
    Beautiful thought there.
    Actually true they are, and yet when when I think practically, those thoughts seem baffling!
    But only if we could live like this, things would have been so much better!

  4. Hanan, i chose to not reply to ur post

  5. Zave ,we can live the way we want, free will remember? only thing our free will should never hurt sum one else..

  6. Hi Sneha!
    You are tagged!
    Check it out!

  7. A little musing can create amazing rendition, that even the white pages find it hard to hold on to...good that you keep them flying about...


  8. As they say in Gujrati "Aatma ne nai maarvanu' !!!:P

    Yes we should stop questioning life, we should stop questioning 'why' and 'how', we should stop stopping our heart from doing stupid things just because they are not practical enough. Who decided practical ?:P

    And if nothing works, a beer, wine shop and 'hum hai yum' should !!!

    Loved the poem :)

  9. I totally agree!!

    Thanks a lott

  10. hmm.. you've got me thinking..

    i'll be back again to tall you what i thought about..

    nice one!

  11. Yeah,it's quite interesting to travel without worries through unknown paths,with curiosity to find what is there upfront.Reasons can make one cautions,lack of reasons can make one totally stagnant.May be thinking beyond reasons can bring something different n exciting.Nice poetry.

  12. thanks Nithin, m happy you could relate to it and feel the core of it


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