What was it??

Bored of the continuous journey in the bus, I picked up my copy of Thousand and One Nights. It had been three hours of travelling in the smoldering heat of Rajasthan afternoon sun. The air was blazing and temperature was soaring every minute. Despite of this,I got lost in the stories of the New Bride Queen. Magic,Royalty and Grandeur have always enticed me and that coerced me to visit the royal land of Rajasthan despite the time of the year being hot summer.

Our destination for the day was Amer fort.Set in heart of the once Rajputana Territory,Amer fort is epitome of grandeur.It has witnessed history of the Royals of Jaipur and still stands tall like an old king who had his glory days but still exudes strong aura of strngth even past the glory days.

At hour past noon,we finally reached Amer fort. I don't know why but I felt as if I am back home. To reach the fort,we had to take jeep rides. As I got down the jeep, I felt my feet automatically heading towards the fort. I lost all sense of time and surrounding. I felt I was transported back in the 1700s'. The weird part was that the place felt too familiar for comfort. Entering the great hallway, I saw some festivities going on . I saw large  number of crowd cheering the victorius army who had just returned from war. The scene was not very clear,as if I was looking through a veil. My eyes found the way to the palace and I headed there. I could hear King addressing the Deewan-e-aam. He was addressing issue of treachery. Sitting high in the Queen's chamber among my attendents, I got the updates of the proceedings by one of them. Fondling with the Kundan Haar, the one that King gifted last night after the passionate coupling, I blushed as the King's attendent informed me about the king requesting my presence. The time was to recline for noon and I was proud to be honoured by the King. After the sweet nothings, he informed that he is announcing about me being his "Patrani" (Favourite Queen) in the next day's bath to the other Queens.

While taking my daily tour of the palace, I was lost in the happenings of the morning bath. He has made a private bath for me. S omuch so that he has made it right in front of his window. He said, he wanted to watch me bathe and had even requested me to sing. I had blushed profusely and he was enjoying my hesistation. While swinging on the swing in the private courtyard, I was enjoting the cool scented air.My attendent were singing ballads of love for entertainment.


I wondered whose name was that and why was the person screaming so loud...At first, I thought of calling the gaurds but then when I saw Svetlana coming towards me, I thought better of it.

"Michelle!! where were you? You seperated from the group 4 hours back!! We went mad looking out for you. It's way past our time to leave..come.We have to go back to the Hotel."

I looked back, the attendents,gaurds,all were gone.The scene had changed. All I could see were tourists in the courtyard...

Back in my room, I kept thinking for hours.It was no dream;Svetlana cleared it for the 1000th time that she found me wide awake near the courtyard. I saw that Kundan Haar in the Palace museum on my way back with Svetlana. I had no hallucination as I have left drugs and alcohol years back. The King's Patrani's Portrait was there near the Kundan haar in the museum. She did not look like me, still I felt as if I am looking at my reflection. I am not familiar with Indian History and this is my first time in India...Moreover I am having no mental disorder!!

It was no dream,nor was it a hallucination.....

What was it????



  1. must say you've finally taken the steps to the next level...
    scary at the start, however does keep you glued till the end.

    Did have a lil' touch of Bhoolbhulaiya. but loved the way you've presented it.

    7/10 I say...

  2. Normally , i don't read such kind of posts.May be because i don't have that talent to understand such imaginary happenings .But your post , was quite attractive.Words which you used to express yourself , are wonderful.Keep writing more , you have a great talent hidden inside.

    Arvind Chugh

  3. thanks a lott!! these words mean a lott

  4. Very well done!

    I liked the plot line and the various literary devices you have employed in this post.

    Keep writing!

  5. @Giri: thanks a lott, although i understand what you mean by plot line, i didnt undertans literary devices!! :( please lemme know what r they?


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