Absolutely loved this book!! Absolutely adored Zoya!! Absolutely in love with Nikhil Khoda!!! And absolutely loved Anuja Chauhan’s plot and style!!

Phew! after the vibrant expression of my admiration, lets get back to business..

image “Zoya Factor” is the baby out from the venture of Harper Collins and India Today, written by Anuja Chauhan. Anuja Chauhan is the lady behind the chirpy,to the point, punch lines like', “Mera Number Kab aayega, Yeh Dil Maange More, Nothing Official about it and Oye Bubbly".” Being associated with Ad world for fourteen years, Zoya Factor is debut step of the author in literature (by that I mean writing books and getting them published) world.


The book cover does give an idea about the plot, and leads the reader to think that this is about Cricket.I myself thought so..The bat and ball were clearly depicting cricket but the kiss and the entwining designs were telling a different story altogether!! The book is about Cricket, Luck,Superstitions, and off course LOVE!

Zoya is chirpy,bubbly 27 year old, working for a leading advertising company; handling one of the most exciting clients!! (the girl’s surely got a huge dose of Luck).Even after being told as 27yr old ,she’s portrayed more as just-passed-outta-college..The book starts with her dream coming true of meeting SRK at the ad shoot of her client.The story proceeds with her handling shoot of The Indian Cricket Team. Incidents that happen later lead some of the players to believe that Zoya is lucky charm for them and thus she is included in the World Cup Squad ..the reason for her luck being her birth at the exact time as India won the only World cup. The Skipper, Mighty Nikhil Khoda( the man of ma dreams!!) is against this and in between squabbles and clashes ,they fall in love!! ( straight out of Bollywood!!) What follows next is series of hilarious incidents followed by a a quiet ending.

The book is non-stop-Laughton start to finish. The hinglish dialogues, the portrayal of characters, and the detailing of the plot in accordance to the existing craze for Cricket in India makes the book a must Read…at least once…

It isn't classic but it is for sure make you forget your world and listen to Zoya and enjoy!!

Must read is all I have to say!!



  1. Well well well,
    Guess what I had got that book few months back but i didn't get time to read it.
    But, after listening to its description given by you all of sudden my interest is raised........

  2. Agree with you completely. Have been reading your posts. COunt me in as a reader!

  3. also the title does sound promising, if it's sth to go by..
    lemme see, if I get my hands on it sumtym.

  4. Please do Diwakar, its worth reading atleast once!!

  5. I will try and grab the book...nyways nice following ur blog


  6. Thanks for the info dearie! :)
    Would love to read this one soon! =)

  7. @Shahid: do try, its worth the effort, and thanksss a lott for following the blog!! it means a lott

  8. Thanks for introducing to the book!
    I sure need to get a copy of this!

  9. have yet to read it... but sounds like a damn good read..wasnt there talk of making this into a movie ?

  10. @lily and zave: you are most welcome!!
    @Roshan: yup there were talks to making a movie


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