Of relationships and Bad service!!

Saw Up in the air last saturday!! (I went there to drool on George Clooney and I must say I wasn't disappointed!!) I am sooo much in love with George !! I really want a guy like Ryan!! (or George)...any which ways liked the movie. Guessed the climax mid way still loved the movie...and I truelly believe "your man should earn more than you or else it is perfect recipi for disaster!!"

Poor Joy!! She felt soo bad for clooney!! She couldnt stop her tears!! Well I personally feel thatz how it is now a days!! Societal boundries and personal relationships are going change.... and poor heart is left out admist all of these.....

But to mention along ; I hate Inox and I am never going there!! Just becoz m there wid my colg bag, devoid of makeup, regular unbranded clothes!! that doesnt mean the frisking staff is going to eye me and talk to me like I am some lowly animal!! For God's sake if I can afford the over exhorbitant tickets for the movie you should not care about how I come dressed!! Never knew people xpect soo much!! Y should we dress up at our best and go to mall,theathre or any other fucking place!! and if we dont I dont think thatz anybodyz concern untill and unless I pay for the services!!


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