Impromptu Plans

Making plans for spending the day are always tiring...deciding on the place,route,time,budget eats out so much time which would've been utilized better by enjoying!! When bunch of friends meet up to enjoy the whole day,its difficult to come up with a plan that is amiable with all!! but those who are fans of impromptu plans are always happy!! (maybe there are some exceptions!!)

Impromptu plans ki baat hi kuch aur hai, take for example, yesterday me , Joy,Mishi and Nirvz were getting bored in college and did'nt want to go home so early (as usual for us!!) so we decided to spend some time in college (as always!!) The college is breeding place of all impromptu plans!! no longer than 5 mins and voila our plan is set!! Cheese burst at Dominoes!!

We had a crazzy time!! NV jokes,loads of giggling, crazzy pic session, hogging on cheese burst and choco lava ,and laughing till cheekbones start aching!! phew it was gr8 time!!

The fun in deciding on the spot,running out to reach for the movie, giggling all the way is so different than all set plans...there is no uncertainty factor in all set rush!!

After all ,not always you want life to be set and predictable!!
Way to go,Impromptu plans!!



  1. ha ha! Yes, there is nothing like impromptu fun! Indeed, there could be something called over-planning!

    I've developed an unwritten rule - a fun activity that is planned too much or too much ahead of time is doomed for failure. How much is "too much" depends on the activity?

    -- Eating ice-cream - about 5-10 minutes before it is done.

    -- Watching a movie with friends - planned less than a day before, usually, in a boring class. I remember about 50 of us going to watch Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge!

    -- Going for a short 1 day trip - about 1-3 days before you go; and making sure that you don't plan too much about the activity!

    -- a get together: sometimes takes a year long of planning, but it does not necessarily mean that we plan the set of activities!

    The problem is that it is hard to not overrule ourselves and over-plan, isn't it? But, I guess most of us do impromptu activities depending on our likes and dislikes!

  2. ya the moment time is there, the normal route is to plan to death!! that ruins the fun,impromptu assures plan is there plus surprises!!

  3. I have a frnd who insists on impromptu plans,saying that pre-planned always fail.. And me being the one with my own plans inside my head always find it difficult to agree to an on-the-spot. But once I'm (reluctantly) into it, I enjoy it so much it's illegal!

  4. yup!! impromptu plans are illegal and sooo much fun!!!


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