Eternal dilemma

I don't know what to do,how to do,but I do know I have to do it..

It is always said choose the right path,but how do we know what is the right path? If we were so good in choosing we would've never made mistakes..Always things are never easy,it is like an eternal dilemma,we never know what is expected out of us and why is it expected out of us.To fulfill without knowing the bar of expectations is very taxing and if we fail it is all the more worse.

We think it would've been easy if we are always told what to do,so that the choice of choosing between unchoosables and very difficult options would become easy...

But we forget that what we have is the most powerful gift :Free will
We are free to choose sides ,do what we feel is correct ;if we chose right then the higher force will back us and if we chose wrong then it will lead us to doom..but ultimately the choice is ours and ours only..

The question whether something is right or wrong is subjective...but the best way to know what is right and wrong is to look within and try to listen to the voice of soul...I know it sounds philosophical but it is rational and practical to the core. It is often difficult but it is always our choice...

to be or not to be is an eternal dilemma

we want it to be.....



  1. Very rightly said, "to be or not to be , is the Eternal Dilemma, if you want it to be..."

    but let me tell you one thing, at times you will want and feel that it was better if you hadn't have to take that decision, and you may even be able to live with its after effects, but living with the guilt of the consequences faced by that decision, is really painful...

    Well written... could have been more convincing ... you can be better than this, and you also know it...

  2. Richie,rightly said

    Consequences wrench your heart more than the decision that lead to them..

    I will try my best to be more convincing..


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