My first ad!!

Hi all…

We had an Advertising assignment where in we had to make a media plan for the new Godrej Eon Refrigerators. Moreover we even had to supply the creative.Along with the media plan we had to provide Print ,OOH and visual ad for the product. Media plan was easy since I had been involved in media planning during summer internship.My mates took care of the print and OOH and I was supposed to do the Visual. Ad making was difficult…honestly it was…When I had first got the assignment I has thought it would be easy but then I was told that I had to actually create original ads. I went for a toss..this meant I had to come up with a concept for the ad,build it, shoot it ,edit it and finally present it!!!

I had shot a small script based video before and Aditya had helped or should I say edited it for me but this time I had to develop script, shoot and edit by myself!!Adi has gone abroad for his studies..I was tensed as to how will I manage since I didn't knew a thing about editing other than some steps that I had learnt while sitting along with Adi while previous editing!!! I did not have a Handy cam,or stand or any professional shooting cam and was not able to obtain from anyone at such a short notice…so had to use a normal digicam..I thought about the concept for days…but didn't zero on anything!! and then once day during lazing in balcony ( yup that is my idea gold mine) I struck gold!!

The ad is my concept but I have shot only half of it…I have lifted the refrigerator scenes from existing ads…since I didn’t have access to software to shoot those scenes..Thanks a lot -Harshada Mundye and Savri Gandhi for starring in my ad (they enacted Didi and Kid’s Portion respectively) Thanks to Supriya Kulkarni for assisting in shooting. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Gandhi for letting Savri star in my ad and Mamma and Dada for helping me in detailing the ad..last but not the least Bunty for listening my concept …

The ad isn't great…its not fantastic…its not superb…its just my first ad and so is special for me …and so I am sharing with you…I am looking forward for your comments…Don’t worry I wont feel bad if you criticize me…I would be happy as you took pains to see it and give me a review…



  1. kya baat !!!!!!
    youtube mein dalo ji.....:D :D
    liked it!!! carry on...

  2. hey congo !! good job.

    even though i havent seen, i know ur style a bit. so will be good.
    remember my 1st mini film (we can call it so)?
    I can understand how u feel on making a 1st one :)
    put on youtube ...

  3. hey sneha i liked the Add. very simple yet expressive.. u hav a lots of potential to do mare great works.

  4. @Mann: thanks a lott!! i hope i get more opportunity to develop the potential!!


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