Love is in the air…….

So winter is officially here…and so are cool chilling breezes…yearn of snuggling together… ;)

We pay attention to our species and their expression of love so much that we forget there may be other expressions of love among other species..

So here is one interesting account of Love is in air…right from my Balcony..

It is exam time and the routine of standing in balcony and observing things around is more often observed by me…it is very interesting and soothing…

I was just lazying there when two pigeons caught my eye…my complex is filled up to brim with them…one of them I christened Streaky ( it had two blackish grey streaks on its right wing) while his lady love Dovey ( no reason!! The name just struck me,but I am sure streaky would love p1that name for his lady love .I decided the gender based on the body language and behavior……You would agree with me once you are done reading the account….)

Streaky was sitting on the balcony railing besides my balcony while Dovey was sitting at the end of the my railing ( Complex pigeons are really friendly to me since mum feeds them regularly..) Streaky had been eyeing Dovey since a long time. After a long time, he took a step forward towards my railing…..Dovey totally oblivious was looking some where else…

After like a lifetime..Streaky took another step and another and another….till he was nearly at the end of the neighbor's railing …slowly like a queen Dovey looked sideways. She observed streaky for a while….(like checking him out from top to bottom…!!).Meanwhile streaky was still seeing her eye to eye….as if giving his introduction…he spoke pigeon language….Dovey kept giving him sideways glance while he was going on with his introduction and then suddenly in middle of the introduction she flew away in her queen like gait to the next building’s railing….(atta girl!! what a attitude!!). This surprised Streaky…

I guess Streaky is like all boys who don’s have the word ‘ No’ in their dictionary…He now started crossing my balcony, all the while making slow sounds and mischief gleam in eye….This went on for a while,his advancing pace and her nakhra….he kept on moving towards her and she flew away as soon as he would come close to her….but he now had her full attention… they would look at each other across balconies…

After what seemed a lifetime, Dovey allowed Streaky to be on the same railing as her!! ( I sure he might have punched air in mind!!). He was slowly cooing now while she was still silent.. He came to stand close to her and she shifted a step back…but knowing that the game was half his …streaky sat down…all the while cooing…p2

When Streaky did not get up…Dovey too sat down but some steps away from him,but had full attention on his cooing…this went on for a while and then I was surprised but not shocked to hear Dovey making small cooing sounds…..

I felt now the conversation is on from both the side…they took a step closer with only a step between them now…they were looking eye to eye and making in sync cooing sounds…(felt like a symphony was going on….). By now I was sure they were a game….but suddenly Streaky took his flight and flew away…..

I was surprised and I am sure so was Dovey…her searching eyes were clear evidence of my suspicion…(I felt bad for her….boys!! are after all the same be it in any species……) I don't know why was I still standing after witnessing such a betrayal….chase ended so did interest ..but I just could not accept the ending..I was still standing, praying Streaky to come and say sorry …..( i know , i know I am a die hard Romantic!!! not my fault….cant help it)…but he did not come …

I felt sad for Dovey and thought that this must be the end of such a promising start….my patience died….( anyways I’ve never been known for my patience but hey this is now my’s Dovey and Streaky’s)…but i guess Dovey had loads of it and she was still waiting ….looking in the direction of Streaky’s flight…

Suddenly out of nowhere…streaky flew in with a twig in his beak and flew straight to Dovey……(thank god!!!) …he placed the twig at her feet and started cooing again…his entry delighted her and I know this because she was flapping her wings in excitement and happiness..this time he came snuggling close and both were cuddling now..!!!(awwwwww)…in between their cuddling he started teasing her, playing with her…. picking out her wing’s feathers…jumping up and down…while she was eying him affectionately like she was saying ‘my boy’….running around with him….flying with him….

Finally they flew away together, Leaving me behind ….nearly in tears…(ok not..nearly in tears..I am a strong girl…I don’t cry..leaving me moved would be a better way of putting it….). And i got back to my studies….

Wasn't that a cute little love story….(I know I should get back to studying or I will fail tomorrow but you hardly get to witness such cute things …..)

Love’s really is in winter air……

(The above pictures are for representation/illustration purposes only and are not shot by me..)



  1. Brilliant.Simply very enjoyable.I saw every inch of their love story from frame to frame.It reminded me of my favorite past time during exams,writing poetry with lot of stuff to study.Somehow,i never was able to resist writing in those situations.Keep writing.


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