I wish

Wish I were a child again,
no worries and expectations
other than tests and presentations...

Chocolate Fudge for breakfast,
Pizza for lunch,
Popcorn for supper,
Pancakes for dinner...

Simple and straight,
no complications and convulsions;
deal is only about work,
Life is all about play...

Sleepy eyed in morning,
Yawning all the noon;
running around in the ground in evening ,
and jumping on bed at night...

All said and done,
childhood isn't easy,
while adulthood isn't fun;
Friendship tests you,
and love makes you run...

Wish I were a child again...



  1. haha ... thats a sweeeet one ..
    i think there is a kid in evrey one of us ...who wants to go thru all these frolic xperinces, snatch those moments from the past, but the grown-up-we are so busy for all these ah?
    even your 'wish' is from that kid in you .. :-P
    thanks for stopping by

  2. Sweet little wish.Some times i wish this,just to be a kid again and to just keep walking around and just write write and write..Adulthood is all about a big rush to meet deadlines and keeping so many people happy.

  3. i totally agree with u!! wish those days come back ....


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