Haan Yaar Sachi! ;)

I will never forget that day.It was most surprising and satisfying day of my life.....but that was long back,don't remember date ,day or year....but nonetheless,the memory will always remain itched in my mind....

I was in IVth Std, Abhinav Vidyalay,Dombivli.
It was post recess period of History going on; Meena teacher was taking the period.

I used to love History periods all because of teacher's style of reading.Through out our schooling time we had good history teachers(baring a few),history period seemed like a story session...stories about primitive man,or Moguls or shivaji ,renaissance to British all kept me engrossed .

Meena Teacher was taking us thru history of primitive man and as usual I was totally engrossed.In between Supervisor came to announce the rankers.

In our school we had a concept of announcing the rankers of the mid term examinations in the class and the whole class will appreciate the rankers. First 5 rankers were entitled to this privilege (yes !! we all average students used to view it as an honour ,privilege bestowed on the rankers and prayed we would stand there one day making the teachers believe that we will also have a great future like them!!! )

When the supervisor was announcing ,we came to know that 2 of them were from the other division,and 3 from our class.But she didn't mention names.... I was too bored by that time and wanted her to get done with it and leave so that teacher would continue story,also I wanted supervisor to be done with it because I knew I would never be a ranker in spite of all the hard work I do since I knew I am just an average student,n I always wanted to be in front of the class standing as a ranker and the whole class applauding me!!!

Suddenly Ajay (my bench mate) nudged me ,I thought he was telling me to pay attention in what was going in class rather than drawing in my rough note book,so I snapped at him saying I am not interested in listening to them...

Poor guy.

At the same time I felt as if some one was calling my name...I looked around to find everyone was looking at me and so was the supervisor !!! I thought maybe I shouted at Ajay too loudly and so the supervisor is angry at me...

As I was just about to apologize ,the supervisor snapped at me saying will you come here ??? Seeing her so angry ,I was scared ... "ohh nooo please godd no punishment....pleaseeee" was my prayer till I reached the podium (there was no podium,just the front area of the class). And then suddenly the whole class erupted !!! I thought they are laughing at me,so I was still standing with my back towards them.The Supervisor saw this and turned me around,I was soo numb!!!

When I turned around I finally paid attention to the noise,and surprisingly it wasn't laughter but claps!!! and they started clapping only after I came!!!



This expression ,looked like horror cum surprise on my face!!!
Poor Ajay ,it turned out that the supervisor had announced my name three times and that's why Ajay nudged me!!!!


yes , that year it turned out that I was the 5 th ranker in mid term examination!!!

I would never forget that day since that day my prayer was answered and from being in top 10,I was in top 5 ...this didn't continue for longg but yes I did it again VIIth Std onwards,from 15th to 10 th to 8th rank.....but that 5 th rank was mossst precious to me and will always be....

After all that was the first time I was acknowledged as a ranker!!!

ME & and RANKER!!!

Haan yaar sacchi!!!




  1. yes....
    finally realised ur talent...

    i hope u dint hit that poor benchmate of u too hard :d

  2. lol,no re i just snapped at him,i didnt hit him!!!'

  3. Good yaar .. itz nice to be appreciated for what you have done. Shayaad ye appreciation mujhe padhai mein nahi mila .. but i can definately tel u visions mein mila n i can understand wat it feels lyk. I juz hope u face such ranker situations at regular interval of tym in every walks of lyf u go through ..

    Speaking abt da way u hv portrayed da situation, itz really very nice, kept me engrossed til da end. All-in-all .. itz a good work, for being a ranker as well as for portrayin it beautifully ..

  4. Thnks shu...yupI agree wid u,academically bhale hi I was acknowledged in school but,creative side toh visions aur tum logon ne acknowledge kiya!! I will write abt that also but abhi uske pehle bahut kuch likhna hai....THNKS AGAIN

  5. Well... it was rally nice reading that.

    I think you got the same charm like your history teacher.

    Your presentation and way of writing kept me engrossed.

    I thought it was a moment which you can share with your kids in future :)

    The same thing happened to me also but in 9th class..Will write it in my blog as well..


  6. Thanks Arvind, m happy you liked it and I am for sure gonna share it with my kids, grand kids !!after all not every day one gets a chance to be a ranker!!
    please do write, would love to read about your experience


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