Many have tried describing it,many have tried understanding it.....
but ,
this beautiful creation of God is above any word,description or understanding ....
The more you try to understand ,the more you get confused....the more you try to decipher the more it con volutes.....
It is undecipherable
Such is the mystery behind this wonderful creation of God!
Such is the mystery behind

New is this world,New is this site,
New are the feelings
and so are the sights!

New is this voice,New is this light,
New are the days
and so are the nights!
New will be my ways,New will be my path,
New will be me
and so will be my Life!
Looking out for the unknown,
I don't know what I am looking for....
Having everything I thought I wanted,
Still don't know what am I missing a lot...

Piecing together clues,
for the puzzle unknown...
Amen to the hope that my search finds out,
what's it looking for....

Longing or shunning,
Wishing or forbidding,
Blessing or cursing,
Waiting or wanting,
Praying or requesting,
Knowing or avoiding,
Expressing or hiding,
Is all the conflict of Mind and Heart,
Easy for both to disagree,
Impossible to agree...
The Mind has its own alley,
in Lips..
The Heart has its own alley,
in Eyes..
The war is always on,
the war will never die..
The Eyes will never lie,
the Lips will always be sly...
Even after knowing this,
We always ignore the Eyes,
and go ahead with the sly...
Unaware of the language,
or no trust on Eye..
The reason is unknown,
the Mystery is on..

Seemingly unending.. exhausting and draining..
It just goes on and on...

Lifes' at a standstill..
past is reliving..
present is crumbling..
but it still goes on and on..

Where am I heading..
why am I heading..
reasoning is eluding...
still grieving goes on and on and on..

There lies my world,
my wishes,my wants,my needs..
A world full of cheers,
my ambitions,my secrets,my prayers..
Sun rises on my wish,
my rules,my regulations,my policies..
Moon is my constant companion,
my family,my friend,my love..
Flowers bloom of my choice,
my say,my favourites,my lists..
My kingdom is there,
where it is I , Me ,Myself..
My kingdom is there,
where my dream starts..
My Kingdom is there,
where it is my world,
My Dream World..



  1. At one look, a few words piled up …
    And you read more to realize it s deeper than that ….


  2. Thank you
    I am not flowery in my writing,but itz definetly layered.I keep in mind that at every new reading a new layer is unveiled...

  3. truely touching..esp dat one which says that we follow the mouth and not the eyes. if only we could interpret the lang of eyes. its deceptive soemtimes. we see what we want to. if close enough, each one can see themselves in other's eyes. but u realize by seeing those searching eyes, that u r not the one whom the eye wants to see :(

  4. heyy...did u painted this wonderful thesis about EYES !!!....
    simply awesome re....... :-)reply

  5. thanks dear!!the poems r mine for the fact...pictures used and some incidents of my life inspired the poems...

  6. i love it!!! its soo amazing n wonderfull!!!


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