Presenting the Great Indian Chursi League a.k.a Elections!!!! So according to the latest updates ,the final round of voting is over.Now the results are awaited with bated breath since the finals are already over.The Two major players (national) are the NDA and UPA or in core BJP and Congress,the second sidekicks are LEFT,Third front,RJD, and the list will go on......


It is an amazing tamasha to see,the way our great leaders who are way over the regular retirement age are playing with the emotions of over 1 billion population of India just to secure the next 5 years under their Power.The greed of power doesn't leave a single responsible and eligible candidate but still the whole tamasha is on and poor PM seat,its just one seat with so many people vying for it.They are done with making the endless promises over endless issues whose solutions to be implemented will have to wait endlessly.Obviously solutions have to wait otherwise issues to fight over would be extinguished and by the time the next elections are around the corner what would they promise ?? Poor Politicians how much they have to think !!


This time the election publicity was very aggressive covering all possible available media.The rallies were as always live tamasha and play of words.The rally would disrupt the peace of the area in all possible ways be it by creating traffic jam or closing of so and so road due to rally,or the most common blaring loudspeakers voicing the same shallow words and promises.


The parties were initially involved in pulling each other down by criticizing other’s speeches,actions ,now they are involved in luring the same others in joining them!! What an irony! A common man would still take time in forgetting the distinction between friend turned foe or foe turned friend but our great politicians are so used to it that one moment they would be found contradicting and criticizing someone while the next moment they would be embracing the same person!!!

So much efforts,time and money is poured in elections with the hope of efficient coming 5 years……… lets hope the winner of ICL  will respect that…..




  1. Good shot re...
    ICL ...lekin i had one micro doubt,whether is it Kursi aur Chursi....plz correct me if i am wrong haan...

  2. i knw its kursi but icl mein k toh nahi aata na!!!


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