Well,examz khatam hue kafi time ho gaya ,they went fine,jaise aaye waise gaye,but i still feel i should share about it......

Iss baar toh kuch jyada hi chala exam fever!!! one whole month starting from 2nd of April to 27th of April! This sem was very small ,just over 2 months....so pata hi nahi chala kab xamz sar par aakar khade ho gaye!!! uppar se this sem came along with loads of assignments and projects and internal tests so sem kab khatam ho gaya yeh pata hi nahi chala!!!

examz ke liye hamesha unprepared,but this time I or in that matter none of my class mates were not even wee bit serious about the examz plus the fact that whole april is gonna go in xamz was a discouraging factor!!!
xamz aate hi wahi last minute scouring around for notes and photocopies,understanding concepts tension,losing weight and sleep,hum kabhi nahi sudharne wale!!!
after every paper repeating the same dialogue:m passin, pass marks lagaye hai,baki uppar jo mila itz a bonus!!!
sitting along wid joylyn ans analysing and dissecting the paper ,adding marks till consolation
setting a countdown,sleeping thruout the day wasting it and studying the whole night!!! yawn what a pain these examz are!!

but hey they r done ,i hope will will clear all with flying colours!!! 
currently working as an intern at Sahara One Media and Entertainment 



  1. kya baat hai...
    F.B.I ko toh pata hi nahi " Sahara One Media and Entertainment " ke baare mein..anyways jayada paakunga nahi Congo!!!!....

  2. thanks!!!
    F.B.I aaj kal busy hai na,toh usse time nahi mila hoga


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