Med Callin

Television -the heart of entertainment for the masses (other than films) is no easy field.
It struggles and competes every single day for GRPs. Unlike films where it is Friday who rules here it is whole week or 24/7 that rules...Every week reports are awaited like rains in dry desert!!! After all they announce the week's performance,who's ahead of whom this week,which programmes have fared better while which have crashed down,who is the new competitor while what is the old one doing??Has my reach increased or the target market has chosen some one else over me??? This autopsy is exciting to witness,analyse and understand. Here nothing is predictable! This week you may rule the whole market while next week you may be out of competition!! This week you may be darling of the masses but next week you may be the outcast!!! Nothing is set ,classified or sure here,meri jaan....and that's the beauty of this media.....

The fascination for this unpredictable media has got me landed to Sahara One Media And Entertainment. N, I must say M Luving It!!! Without any specific demands from myside I am able to absorb the whole marketing world of Sahara One,the flagship GEC channel and Filmy,the complete movie and entertainment channel. It is a whole new experience for me starting from Analysis to Advertising ,Programming to Publicity,Selection to Sales....

It is not my idea to market these through my blog (Itz private and as if the whole world reads it!!!).Enough is done in that matter everywhere else. My idea is just to share my experience here ,in the new world, with I have always done.....
So switch on this label
so that I can share my experience at Sahara One and Filmy with you...



  1. heyy....gud one re...exactly daily soaps has to go through every day ka approval whether good or bad .."Its survival of the Fittest in everyday shows " whether ZEE tv,Star plus,Colors etc... and nice way of exploring things from entertainment industry re..and also hoping to see you one day giving interview about your organisations growth....

  2. btw "Med Callin " it Media Calling..??

  3. yup it is media calling...
    thanks kuni!


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