Hii all,

birthdays are the most special days for everyone....even though some dont like celebrating !

They become more special if near and dear ones take extra effort to make that day memorable....I remember the old times... inviting all relatives and friends ...making those yummy samosas and kachoris at home..going wid mum and ordering my fav cake.....decorating the place wid ballons and paper frills ....rasna in thermocol glasses.... puri bachu party creatin havoc ...those cute presents..handmade cards!!! ahhh i miss them re..

Now a days itz getting end no. of calls throughout the day,readymade gifts ,going out wid friends for lunch,coming back home , small ceremony wid family and done.....not much fun re...but this was till 3 years back!!! yes...then came visions (SIES college fest) in my life and so did Brainwaves ...and we together changed the whole funda of celebrating bdays !!! m sure u would love to listen about it...

We started those surprise bdayz ...well i knw thatz a common way but we added out very own touch!! Wen in colg ,in brainwaves, we all werent soo gud frnds ki we would bother to think about celebrating bdays,but thanks to richie,shu and niks we started celebrating bdays of BW team members as a team building exercise and it is still continuing even after a year of leaving SIES!!

Wierd are our ideas of celebrating bdayz...

mallika was the first person whoz bday was celebrated ...

contributing money,thinking about the gifts which would fit in our budget , getting the cake ,surprisin the bday guy or gal at colg ya home....itz always fun...

this all continued fr a while then came the added personalised touch...

Riddhi ,m sure would never forget the personalised newspaper we made for her...the newspaper was made by us,as in thought , designed ,edited ,articles ,pics ,everything was done by us amateurs!!!

We made jeeva go thru a treasure hunt in sion,kurla ,chunabhatti ,matunga area...

he had to do 21 tasks and on performing those tasks he would get the clues to nxt place and also his we gave him 21 small gifts and final jackpot was his bday celebration place!! uske liye scrabook bhi banaya!!! the whole treasure hunt was also shot!!!

We painted on glass : Ganpati for nandi,buddha for riddhi, Tshirt for Jeeva ,shu...can u believe it all hand made gifts !!!

suchi had a childhood pic in which shez given this pose ....kunal and I call it the head hunter pose!!! we made a mask of that pic and wore it on her bday!!!This year we made a self designed calander .....which had skectches or pics on each month page to remind her main events of the previous year!!!! well and how did we surprise her !!! she had nearly died of surprise dat day..hehhehe....and was speechless....she just couldnt believe it we did dat on our own!!!
shu, for him we made a new report spoof cum muvie!!! well all science students gng the media way spoofing NDTV and MTV was amazing ...we really had fun behind the scenes and learned a lott about turning thoughts in sumthng sense onscreen,but this is nt the first time we had played wid camera so it turned out too gud and shu luved it!!!!
all these gifts r accompanied wid the traditional cake and family combo pack!!!!

ahh m luving it...
nw m wondering mere bday pe kya hoga??
kuch nahi bhi ho sakta hai par aur kuch jyada bhi ho sakta hai!!!



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  2. lol!true girly..i still proudly flaunt all my gifts!!

    and i think this gift thing is like we wentin out frustation of our normal student lives..!with lots of love and thought!

    i hope we continue this tradition till our last breathes!!

  3. Really yaar ... used to have loads of fun. It took a gr8 effort in trying to mek dat day of our frnd a bit spcl, required lot of co-ordination n even lots of cash, lol : D. But 1 thng i wuld lyk 2 share on whch even u wuld agree (v rarely agree upon 1 point, lol .. tu itni ladaku jo hai : D) Al dat effort v took was really worth coz 4 da person v were doin it was worth it.

    Well .. itz needless 2 say day v culdnt hv cum out wid such creative ideas widout each other. All creative minds workin on it, lyk u, veeru, kozi, kuni, jeevz, ridz, n evey1 .. B'day celebration was juz lyk n event of BW.

    Gappi aunty .. i really luved dat video. But missed ur presence dat day, v njoyed widout u. So nw u hv 1 more reason 2 quit BW, ryt ?

    N 1 more thng, dunt expect nythng on ur b'day .. kuch nahi karnewale OK. Tym kise hai ... lol : D

  4. i knw i knw,ya i agree with u on that point !!! itz ok
    kuch mat karna
    main yehi post padh kar khush ho jaungi!!! lol


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