Of People And Friend Requests.....

About orkut ...

Nice social networking site .....nice place to do tp with friends , play games , find old friends , talk abt your interests, may be meet someone special etc etc...

But there is  something  very irritating about it.
Guess? Well.. yes the friend requests.
They are of wide variety and types..lets have a look at few .

Firstly you have those friend requests which are sent by the new comers , they say they are new on orkut and would like to make new friends...they also add a bigg pleaseeee
Come on!!! Aap orkut pe naye hai ,yeh baat samajh mein aati hai par naye frnds aise hi randomly choose karte hai kya??  ya display pic dekh kar shortlist kiya jaata hai new friend contest winner ko? lol I mean, I guess you already have your gang on orkut then why such an absurd begging and persuasion? Sorry boss  par meri samajh mein toh yeh baat nayi aayi.....

Then comes the self proclaimed sexy studs!
They say its once in a life time chance for you and only you lucky gal.....friend request accept karlo,.... there are many who are dying to get this friend request.....AM a nice hot guy with amazing looks ,my number is so n so...friend banegi kya? huh.Agar so many girls are dying to be your friend toh send them the friend request na, why torture me???? And dumboz am not at all interested in knowing you or  what kinda amazing looks  you are  having! Please leave me in peace otherwise I will definitely see to it that you never have your peace of mind...got that??

Next in line are uncles who are married and have kids ,who are interested in all communities which should have an age entry bar..they proclaim they are sure you would love chatting to them and they will give you the time of your life! Itna hi time of life experience feel kara na hai toh go to your wife uncle bcoz you are stuck with her for lifetime and thus needs you more...I am  for sure , am happy  with my life and dont need such time of life experiences....soo please... f*** off....

Not to forget the musical ones...
They type the lyrics of romantic songs and expect u to be floored with it.....for them my msg is guys I don't have any time or interest to read ur b***s***!!!Got that?

Then you have those ,who I guess mistook Orkut for Shaadi.com or bharat matrimony ka site....ab inka main kya karu?? guys site dekh kar baat karo!!!

Kuch aise bhi hote hai jinki friend request ,friend request kam aur come wid me to bed request jyada hoti hai......shocked ? Please dont be! bcoz you do find such guys!! I personally take care that they get such an amazing answer from me ki life mein phir kabhi iss baare mein woh sochenge bhi nahi....B******s

Well I have nearly covered the cream of types of friend requests , but don't be disappointed bcoz I personally have made amazing friends thru orkut friend requests from strangers and am sure so have u....but I still come across such wierdoz and am waiting yeh kab mujhe frnd request bhejna band karenge ......

I hope, I see that day soon!



  1. Well

    It happens ..If you are a girl you face this situation.

    And in India , its a normal thing now.A beautiful girl is always flooded with requests and it shows how sick boys are ...

    What i have seen in Japan or China , guys never give such kind of requests..So girls walk free without any tension..

    It is all because of the mentality of Indian guys..I am happy that i am not one of them :)

  2. the criteria of being beautiful is nt important!! if the information about the person being girl is known thats more than enuf!!
    happy to know its different in Japan,I hope things change someday here though...


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