Height of cruelty....

This case is now a days filling the place of headlines in all newspapers......

A resident of Mira road had raped his daughters continuously for 9 years along with a stupid tantrik....the mother was also involved....

height of cruelty, inhumanity.........goriness and they are not ashamed about it!!!!!


what do they think they are? wat r they made of? didnt spare their own daughters!!!!

sex maniacs!!

ruined their future ,molested them,and still think that itz upto the girls to save the name of family.....get a life mann.....go die a brutal death...woh bhi punishment kam hoga for what u have done!!!!
so blinded were they wid their wild and cruel intentions that they didnt spare a thought abt the grls!!! cannibals are better than these animals!!


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