13 b

Yesterday can be called as idiotgiri day,but still a super masti day.....
well kal aise hi shashank se milne ka plan bann gaya,kafi din hogaye the usse mile.So we decided to meet,shu se milna is like a dose day,wahi degree colg ke din yaad aa jate hai.I becum the stupid,attitude wali and mastikor sneha again,aur yeh shu ke saath hi nahi,koi bhi degree colg ka/ki frnd mil jae toh yehi hota hai. After joining post grad ,lifez becum more hectic,so much has happened since leaving deg colg.......
Meeting them infuses a new energy in my life, It reminds me that i have changed a bit and need to keep a check dat i dont change more....and also that kuch bhi gadbad ho ya pareshaani ho,i always have my deg frnds besides me .......
about the day
we went to shivaji park,really peaceful place even though hamesha ball lagne ka darr rehta hai...
kafi der chit chat ki,then out of blue we met harsh,kya baat hai ,i was actually thinking ki reunion day toh nahi wen shu gt a call frm malli saying vaishu n malli might meet us!!!!
nonetheless i was happy that we r all meeting after a long time...after chatting wid harsh fr a while we met malli and vaishu at sion

now wat to do was a bigg question , lunch ya movie??
no gr8 movie was there,n shu n me were low on cash fr lunch or movie
malli u r reaaly a dahling,she sponsored both of us,we decided movie dekhte hai ,now the only nice movie around was 13 b,
but itz a of the genre horror,thatz sumthing untouchable fr me......main aur horror r poles apart
till date hv seen only grudge and this is nxt
majority won and we decided we will c 13 b (much to my displeasure)
so we checked out the tickets at cinemax but yaar tickets were out of my n shuz budget,so socha chalo starcity chalte hai ,may b we would gt a better price there....
we were racing against time so had to hire a cab till starcity, it was already 3 and single screen mein yeh time tak movie shuru ho jati hai....so we all were like kaka jaldi chalo pllzz jaldi chaloo...hheheheh
sumhow we managed to reach starcity by 3:15,after 15 mins and 54 rupees later (lol)
but to our mocking suprise wahan 13 b nahi tha afternoon show mein and nxt show would be around 6
f*** man!!!!!
all of us were like this ,shit ab kya ,den i dunno who gt the idea dat we go back to cinemax sion,(i knw i knw u r wondering we mad ,but kya kare hum sab aise hia hain....hehehhe)
we were debating on dat i n was really against it bcoz i would hv to watch dat idiotic horror movie .....nooooooooooooo
but sum fool has given the rule majority wins jo mera grp blindly follow karta hai n i was a minority.. :( so we took a cab again n went fr cinemax ,we gt tickets ,gt in theatre ,th muvie had started...
well watching me seeing a horror muvie is a muvie in itself, i mean a comedy muvie ( dont u laugh at that !!!!)
plus main aur vaishu born darpooks baju baju mein baithe!!!!
welll the proof dat i sumhow survived the movie is da fact dat m writing this blog
the movie was fine (jitna bhi main dekh payi mere bag ke thru ,ohh i didnt tell u na ,i h v a habit watching horror movie keeping pillow or bag or anything in my hand in frnt of my eyes ,shifting it aside time and again)
not so horrendous but thank god fr that
nahi toh phir meri ek mahine ki neend udd jati !!!!!
but i had a gud time getting scared ,me laughing at myself,frnds laughing at me and munching popcorn
but i hate shu n malli fr the horror story telling session after the movie.....grrrrr they r soo bad
this was my first experience of watching horror movie in a theatre ,agreed i survived but i nt a game fr nxt time
samajha ...



  1. Well .. yeah, i remember dat day quite vividly. Kaafi shot hua, but all-in-all it was a gr8 day. Sab log mila, njoyed, shared sum quality tym, even mallika beared da expenses 4 da movie .. : D

  2. i knw!!! letz meet up again
    tere examz hone ke baad

  3. how sweeet...u mentioned me in ur blog!!n no ones ever called me a darling:D:D:D...thanks sweety...n yup i really enjoyed that day..lets all meet up soon:)..n as always love ur blogs...so vivid..always a pleasure...(no.all this aint coz u mentioned me:D)

  4. hehehe,thanks malli but darling ko darling hi kahenge na!!! thanks dear ,luv u tc


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