my lapy!!!

so finally i've gt my lapy......
u should've seen me!!!! i was in 9th heaven(actually m still!!)lol.have never ever paid attention to how n why a comp works, but i m tooooo interested in it now!lol,my whole family was hovering around it giving me tips to handle it(as if they dont know i m very cautious user!!!)but iss beech padhai ki halat kharab ho gayi, lol whole day went on lapy, mujhe hi nati pata main kya kar rahi thi!!
family toh family , frnds bhi mere ajeeb hai!! hanan toh even said dont call it lapy give it NAME; did u hear it she asked me to name it!!!!well now i seriously need to think whether i should go to mental hospital or pack up my family n frnds to it!!!
chao , now hv to go n study warna lapy ke chakkar mein KT lag jayega!!


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