Well....who wont!!!!
aaj ke din do govt office ke chakkar!!!! kuch jyada nahi ho gaya ek din mein....!
khair hua kya , tday was my date wid passport office( i knw i knw bahut bure din aa gaye hain!!) i had sum work regarding issue of my new passport.Surprisingly mera kam jaldi ho gaya !U wont believe the whole process of submitting application with just one glitch gt over in wat like half an hr!!!! difficult to believe naah !!!
this was good part now cums the coverstory
shaam ko had to go to police station to verify documens n present witness fr broz passport application....now this is one place i hate the most!!!!
the atmosphere acta as a repellant fr me,bt cant help it , kaam hai toh jana padega!!
kya har govt place ki khasiyat hoti hai under table ke kaam??
i really wonder!
board par likha hai ki agar koi bhi govt officer aap se bribe maange toh plz in charge ko report kare, board ke aage baitha hua officer passport banane ka 100 rs mang raha hai!!!
i wonder woh board lagaya bhi kyun hai!!
one young guy was screaming ,an officer was beating him like mad, poor guy was shouting he was innocent !!!
hmmm mere bass ki baat nahi police station jana.......
i really hate it .........but as u all know cant help it!!!!!


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