watz my onion??? - coconut!!!

this was my assignment of communicationz lec... sir had compared or described himself wid onion and had asked us to bring our onion!!!! well two things came to ma mind- earth and coconut....
lemme share wid u my assignment, i chose coconut to be more apt description of self!!!

the colour is brown,
appearence is tough,
feels really strong ,
but inside m soft!

people misunderstad
and often overlook,
but those who understand,
get the sweet juice!

adaptable and sweet,
but to defend xploit,
xterior has to be tough!

things never are
as they appear,
you have to dig in
to know watz real!

layers can bruise you,
xterior may hurt you,
but rest assured,
once you surpass layers,
soft inside will
cheer u,
comfort u,
calm u!
just like coconut,
just like me........

the second effort was
brown as earth,
tough as stone,
hard to break,
easy to cajole!

easy to access,
but too dificult to ignore,
soft n sweet,
often bitter n sour!

just like coconut,
just like me............

do lemme knw ur views


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