Mapping dadar station!

Dadar is the connecting station between Central and Western Side of Bombay,each side has platforms ranging from 1-7. Trains on the central side last alight at V.T, while that on the Western Side alight last at Churchgate. So two different parts of Mumbai are connected by Dadar. To reach Western side of the platforms from the Central side one has to cross bridges literaly!

Aaj toh maine dadar station ko puri tarah naap liya!!
Rohini tu bhi naah! 

 I can't blame you yaar, you are a first time train traveller, but still had a wat should I say the most hilarious platform travelling today(u will know by the end of this post what do I mean..)
I was going to college today,when Rohini ( My classmate)  called me. She asked me to wait for her at Dadar Railway Station, I thought Kanjurmarg (that's where she stays) se Dadar jyada time nahi lagega( it takes approximately 25 mins).so I agreed ,little did I know wat was in store for me !

I normally keep a novel along for company ( what more should I ask for) so I thought time kat jayega. After some time (approximately 20 mins later)  I got her msg saying dat she had just got the train from kanjur. I was like what! now she has started her journey,,shit! matlab main kam se kam adha ghante yahin par baithna padega!

After a while I got her call (dat "while" was nearly half n hour!) saying that she had reached Dadar and was asking where m I standing ? I told her am on platform no.1 an asked her to cum there, then assuming that she understood,I again got lost in my novel. After 5 mins or so she called me up to ask where m I on platform no.1, I said am at middle ladies compartment, she was like ok , am coming there ..
Another 5 mins and she again called up to ask where was I, I again told the same thing but she still couldn't spot me! She said she is standing near the steps of middle compartment (it then struck me that she is a first time  train traveller!) so I asked her to wait wherever she was ;I went towards steps but she was now where to be seen , so I thought she might not know where do which ladders lead to ! So I walked all the way towards end of the platform searching all the ladder endings for her! Strangely I just couldn't understand where did she vanish!

By this time I had already been to and fro the whole platform twice and people had started noticing me.
( BAD! when you are having a bad hair day, overstuffed bag and pissed off face!) Again she called , this time I asked her to state a landmark , she told me she is  under LED timing board, Phew! , I should get her this time...but to my amazement she was nowhEre to be seen! I confirmed with her whether she was on platform no. 1 , and she (was like a kid explaining her teacher dat she had really done her homework but forgot to bring her book!) went on repeating, no re sachi, am on platform no.1!

By this time I had already undertaken 5 rounds of platform thoroughly searching her (like a detective )
,asking landmarks , telling her to stand near ticket counter, near indicator, under the clock , asking whether she is  standing on the platform jispar abhi abhi train aayi hai! and she was telling there no ticket counter, no juice stall , come near weighing machine n all!

Phew! Itni mehnet agar main roz karu toh mera wieght loss ka resolution jaroor pura ho jaata!! Par itni mehnet (call it 8 rounds) karne par bhi woh mujhe nahi mili..

At this point of time I had actually become a matter of amusement for the juice n food stall owners and also the public..I went frantic and was almost at my tethers..when during my conversation with her I heard train announcement mentioning the word Vikhroli and it clicked me!

Damn! She was on platform no .1 on CENTRAL SIDE!! and  I was on WESTERN side
shit!I wasted more than 40 mins and I don't know how much energy I wasted on this .I also don't have any idea to what extent did I become laughing stock for those on that platform! 
As she didn't know which bridge to take, I had to climb the bridge , go all the way from east to west to fetch her from platform no. 1 on central side .!! Damn!

I was mad with her and myself but actually it wasn't anyones' fault ,after all she was a first timer!
But hell!, when rest learnt about this incident I again was treated with loads of laughter and was accused of not informing them about the exciting game of hide n seek that I  was playing!

Little did they know what I went thru! Man!! I almost,not almost, am sure I have travelled every inch of that platform and no one would be knowing about it more than me!
But at what cost?



  1. RULE NO 1:

    never assume that the other person knows n understood exactly what u want to convey.

    RULE NO 2:

    Be precise when giving directions normally in case of stations which cater to more than 1 railway line (CR,WR,CR(harbour line)).

    was fun readin... ;-)

    arrey tubes ... it shldve clicked u ryt after d 3 to-fro trip on WR p1 ke woh CR p1 pe hai...

    par loved readin it...

  2. agar mujhe click ho jata toh tujhe padh kar hassi kaise aati!!!!!!

  3. i was sooo completely hooked..was like waiting fr the last page of a novel..grt job:D

  4. Well..

    It was quite funny.

    Good job once again.

  5. @Magic eye: thanks !!
    @Arvind: m happy you found it funny!! thanks!!

  6. heheh!!! i just cnt stop laughing sneha!!!


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