fresherz....!!!!!!! wat a party!!!!!!

wat a day!!!!! mannnn

i m a bit late in posting this but itz doesnt affect as the memory is still fresh n hv lots to say abt it!!!!
we had our fresherz party on 12th at 5 in evening
lekin we had lecs in morning , n dat tooo the most boring principles of management wala super feminist (datz nt her name but what we call her) mam ka lec....
hmmmm purani aadatein kabhi jaati nahi....... kisi ne sahi kaha hai.......
so in my new colg i bunked a lec fr the first time...........hey dont look at me like dat i didnt do time pass, in fact i made my first ever ppt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hain na sabashgi ki baat !!! so pat my shoulder now.....hehehhe
so i n rohini were thre....wen in break nearly the whole class bunked the lec kyunki presentee lag chuki thi( i know m soundin like an school kid bt hum bhi insaan hai yaar ....pakk jaate hain) so the night mare started!!!! the names of night mares are anita, seema , nirvi n how can i forget nightmareoin ki sardarni JOY!!!!!!
khud toh xpert ppt maker hai (4 saal har kam ki shuruat aur annt sirf ppt se ki hai office mein!!!!!) toh kaam kar ke baith gayi but humhe kaam nahi karne diya!!!!! it was nearly the time of party n we had still nt changed n all 4 of them were behind us , teasin, chatting, tickling n trying every trick to disturb us.....par jaani hum bhi kache khiladi nahi hai!!!!! hum bhi date rahe..............
aur ppt complete karke hi mane!!!!!!!!(yupieeee)
i had only one boring behenji n toooooo loose n tooooo long skirt (skirt was the code) so couldnt help being underconfident......actually i didnt wanna wear it re bt had too koi aur chara nahi tha!!!!
i have always told people that watever u wear be confident of urself n u will look gr8, but was unable to put it into action......n dat day rohini repeated the same thing to me!!!!!
well talking abt party we had a very cute DJ n all of us were line marofying on him....hehehehe
the first event wich the seniors had kept was paper dancing!!!! pity we r in a grls colg !!!( wink wink) but still it was fun , seema manana padega teri strength ko !!!! nirvi ko pure 3 ya 4 mins uthaka rakha!!!!
the nxt event was miss jdbims competition ...........n they wanted on the spot volunteers!!!! welll dont be surprised but i thought y nt letz try!!
the first round was ramp walk....this was dream cum true fr me , bcoz i had always wanted to sashay the ramp.......but i was a bit skeptical bcoz of my attire ....stilll i was like y nt lemme hoga dekha jayega!!!
i njoyed it n my joy knew no bounds wen i was selected fr semi finals......, i was very happpy wid my walk n so was the audience......the best part was dat was thinking i would be ousted in first round itself but surprisengly i cruised till final 5!!!!!!!
unfortunately i couldnt win the title bt fr a first timer on ramp i guess fial 5 out of 22 grls is a hugeeee feat , wen u r in behengi attire n all around there r grls in their sexiest attire!!!!!
we had fabulous jam session, dinner....
the seniors had done a gud job , but the best part fr me was that i was happy fr the first time wid myself!!!!!!
i would always remember my first fresherz party yaar!!!!


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