to my bro.....

hey howz u? i guess u njoyin n slogging at the same time...hehehe wish u luck n lots of luv
i m soooo sorrryyy rakhi nahi pahunchi, i tried ma best but m sure itz lost in the big bad an lazy world of speedpost.....
i m missing u a lotttt, i would never accept that but this rakhi this is ma gift to u ...........there r so many things i wana tell u , which i hv never told u
first n foremost i luv u my bro......u hv always been thre fr me an viceversa but i hvnt acknowledged it ever ,nor hv u , never felt the need to ..........
rakhi reminds me of the bestest best frnd i hv ever had n will always hv , we dont always need to talk , the presence of silence btn us is not uncomfortable......i can understand ur silence n u mine...........
u might nt believe but i still remember wen mum was pregnant wid u, she told me that m gng to hv a babu to play wid ..............i was soooo happppppyyyy n wished u would cum soonn....cum on i was very young dat time just 1 yr old but i still remember that!!!!
wen u were due ,mum was in hospital, i had to stay wid mamaji , i was sad but the moment m amaji used to tell dat hez gng to hospital my joy used to knw no bounds!!!! infact i got a nice slap wen i had cum to meet u the day u were born !!!! pooor me , but i just wanted to be wid mum re n wasnt ready to go back home......
wen we shifted bac , i remember always wanting to pick u up in my arms but wasnt allowed coz i was still 1 n half yr old, i used to try n distract u wen u used to cry....neeche khelane ki responsibility bhi meri thi n luved u i was ( i guess m still) didi the gr8!!!!!!( hehehe) yaad hain jab hum haryana jaate the toh kitna maza karte the!!!! we invented out own games n were like each others shadow!!!! aur tumhe kitna achamba aaya tha yeh jankar ki nanaji naniji mum ke parents hai!!!!!! lol even in mumbai we never had different sets of frnds bcoz we used to be toghther always!!!
aur ghar mein pricket jisme koi out nahi hota tha, our sixes n fours , n jab bore ho jao tab game finish ????!!!!hehehe ,u taught ur whole class n til today they call me vinesh toh sies mein bhi didi bulata tha!!!!! har din ke jagde n 5 mins baad aise behave karna jaise kuch hua hi nahi !!!!
u were sooo happpy during my tenth ka result but equally sad wen i went to stay fr two yrs in malad....... i know itz difficult fr u to accept it , but i know wat u felt!!!!
two yrs we coaxed together mum n papa fr ur iit, n the day u cleared i was on 12 ( if there is ny such) heaven!!!!
during preparation u knew i hate pcm but stilll u used to say tu baas sunn le , jaise ki mere sunnane se kuch hoga!!!!!!! but u still persisted !!! remember how u used to teach me physics?during medical cet n maths during mba cet dat too on phone!!!!! we hv had our secrets ,our talks , our silence ,our fun ..........
but always together
i cant imagine my life widout u
n i would hv never said so to u,
but this rakhi i confess i nearly died wid fear wen u gt stuck in mumbai floods , n also during our shirdi visit wen u gt lost
my bacha,
i love u n will always do
u may not like my expression of feelings this way.....
but i know u feel the same as i do....
missin u


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