The first facet,

crazy, bindas,skyz the limit fr I,approchable, extrovert,always helpful,over the top,extremely optimistic,too good to be true,practical,realistic,assertive,friendly, known to all, hardworking, dedicated,determined,systematic,cleanliness freak!!! good student, respects everyone n nyone, listener,agony aunt,go getting attitude,happy -go -lucky
,loves self the most, self is most favorite.....

The second facet,
dreamy, confused, not at all bothered, shy, introvert, always thinking,in her own world,doesnt easily opens up,known to hardly nyone,poetic, creative,sentimental,sensitive, low on confidence,psycho,possessive, non focused,afraid,sympathetic,easily hurt,keeps high expectations, finds difficult to admit luv fr near n dear,timid, thinks world is goody doody,weird creature.................

The third facet,
angry young grl, appearences r deceptive,pessimist to the core,, ethical,sumtimes or should i say always bitchy,lier,dont care a damn attitude, self centric, selfish,
hot headed, irrational, useless, argumentative,commanding, show off types, dictator,non practical,hates the world, hates herself, conplanin, hard to please, known to sum......
Three self in one,
three facets in one,
three directions ,one path
seriously itz too difficult to be SNEHA...
hope u understand,



  1. seems like ur outta ur mind...

    but loved the post!!!

    and loved the pic in the blue kurti...(look damn hot!!!)


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