A Thousand splendid suns......

this is one heart wrenching story,enough to move even a stone hearted's heart......
i cried a hell lot while reading this book,it made me realise how lucky i am to be born in a country n family whre i hv my own freedom....
it made me realise watz the state of living thre in afghanistan
how the women r treated worse than slaves...
how taliban created a havoc in their lives...
itz a story of mariam an laila
itz story of undestructible love n undying spirit to b free
itz a story of difference in understanding religious norms n freedom
itz a story of love n hatred
how fate links n brings two differnt beings together,how their own sufferings n reasons force them to accept fate n how they fight against it...
i cried the most wen mariamz father'z letter is described,man how helpless he is shown , after everything that happens wid mariam u still feel bad for him n proud of her..
do go thru this master piece
itz worth ur time
n m sure ur way of thinking will be influenced,
mine was influenced
n now during my lows i first think abt mariam n i know even i will b 5ne wen i pass thru my low
do read it
happy reading


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