ta na na tana na na taaanaaaa

well this was the tune of my fav programme on tv-the malgudi days

,i was always glued to it, the simplicity yet depth intrigued me always,the world as it should be , the real characters nt created,real events, the real way people handle it,i agree with R.K.Narayan,malgudi days is not the story of people in malgudi, itz about the characters of whole world, malgudi is just not in india but it is the whole world............

the book constitutes of many short stories,all simple situations in life, but they xplore deaper meaning of relations....all of them can be easily realted to, this is the USP of malgudi days,

simplicity at it best,

the more i say is less ,so better read it n find it out urself


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