God of small things

mann..... wat a piece of art!!!!! difficult to write abt!!!!!it was so charged up!

god of small things by arundhati roy is an story abt ammu, estha an rahel,their lives,their small god velutha(in differnt aspects),their grief,their small happiness,their exploitation.....

itz abt the effect of traumatic childhood, itz abt breaking laws of love n society,itz abt self finding journey

itz abt the games their so called "family members" played, wat they thoght n wat they did to devastate their already crumbled lives, itz abt how the trio try to find solace in time wid velutha,how they r attached to each other , how if they feel they r loved less the xtent grief blinds them,the stark face of untouchability set against a politically charged background.
the bond btn ammu, rahel is beautifully described....
the book is a perfect companion
a simple story with deeper meaning,
a great copy to grab,
dont miss it
happy reading,



  1. not in relation wid ur post...
    i started thinkn finally??
    pls elaborate

  2. simple that u hv finally started thinking........lol


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