Travelling in ladies 2nd class

Hmm. Quite difficult to start because after every traveling experience, I feel I am nearing salvation.Let me justify my statement. 

The scene at platform is quite relaxed before the arrival of train ,but don't misinterpret it, it is kinda tufaan ke pehele ki shanti, all of them are thinking about the strategies to be used to march in the train. The arrival of train is announced. Here comes the  time for action!!!, everyone is now in attention,crouching slowly an steadily towards the edge of platform,college girls moving between spaces amongst the office goers,the setup is no less daunting than the rugby teams' setup just before start of every game!!!!

The Train's arrival sets off the bomb , now is  the time to ATTACK!! Even before the train stops ,our ladies' army  bifurcates on both the sides of the entrance,every lady is now  the opposition party!! All weapons are ready : bags,umbrellas,purses,tongue whip........

Now main aim is to get past the opposite party at the entrance whose main aim is to stop you from getting in!!!! Using hands and tongue whip( Loud screaming, cuss words, weird sounds)  is the first attack,here whole dictionary of great blessed and deadly words from all languages are  fired on the opposition ( some Science girls have even tried Chemistry equations, Physics formulae and Botanical names!! ), Inside all the other parties are crowded at the entrance to stop you from moving in ,their territories are marked and they wont budge even an iota of inch!!!!! This is your test of endurance, Fight Gal Fight!! Fight or Perish,come on!!

Some how, using all weapons ,nudging ,pushing ,verbal lashing you enter deep in battlefield,deeper you go ,tougher is survival....if u look back you see many others who got behind you and are still going through the process of entering the battle field by using their weapons, sometimes the bomb ticks or they step on a mine and  then starts a series of verbal explosions at the gate itself!

Bravo You have finished your level 1.

Level 2 will bring more difficulties all monsters surrounding you will try and bring you down, no place to stand but our warrior will not surrender, other warrior behind you is seen having silent or cold pushing fight with an office goer, and the elder office goer starts her Good manners- prose- missile("Young girls should have manners to let the elders stand properly, if we push they should try and tolerate it and not revert it back"), screaming ,bellowing (about how heavy are your school/college bags , about how todays' generation has no manners, about why girls today go to college to roam with guys and some more blah))

Now  is your second endurance test ,to support your college party or to fight self standing survival battle!You end up thinking about your self after being reassured that your college mate is enough for ten aunties,now you try polite weapon in making place to stand , but pakka khiladi hat ta nahi, now is time ki seedhi ungli ko teedhi karo, and nudge your way to your rightful place,it may lead to verbal missiles but you have to train your ear to stop listening to verbal missiles an prepare for level three.

Level three will be the most tough because you will have to leave your safe territory and jump in the turbulent waters again to complete the battle, you slowly and steadily more forward, but you encounter new party, already in place and in argument(dishoom dishoom) with a poor cute school kid, you make up your mind, its now or never , a slight nudge and you surpass the aunty without her realising owing to her dedicated involvement(dishoom dishoom) in the argument, the destination is nearing ,time to gear up , opposition is pushing u frm behind with the intention of throwing you out before the station,but u hv to now use deep strength an energy reserves,train arrives at station, the push is at its highest point , in front a new army is three to get into the battle field, nowz the time of action,




This was the description of Thane to Sion via 2nd class Ladies Compartment in train i.e War. With every war your patience and endurance limit increases, till the point nothing affects you. Isn't that sum kind of salvation?



  1. Wow!

    What an experience!

    Bravo.. you seem to be a great warrior if you face such situations every day :P


  2. Thanks Arvind and yes we are warriors of Mumbai!!

  3. Quite a graphic and amusing account. 'Survival of the fittest' as Darwin would have said.

  4. quite a vivid description of your experience with real life imagery...

    i voted for ya...

    good luck

  5. @Rinzu : thanks!!! thanks a lotttt !! :)))


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