Anger and sadness are two forms which we encounter often,so wht to do,at this stage, there is something called illusive enhancement,which is quite helpful,in overcoming such negative emotions,or better to become instantly happy,We search on all around the world someone to say something for being happy, but sometimes such things can help,so just sit down and relax and take few deep breaths,and start thinking this,progressively" imagine urself standing ahead of a large door,of gold,u have no absolute clue,of the world beyond it, and there hanging by a low cloud is a golden key, u take up the key and open the door, and
aah, what u see,a beautiful woods, drenched in a golden light,looking like a newly wed bride,loaded with gold, imagine the various forms of expression of nature, the visual beauty, those beautiful trees and animals,streams,the audio beauty,those sweet voices of birds,and waters,wind, the nasal beauty,the sweet scent of woods and flowers, the beauty to feel,,, the touch of the wind,mud below u, and yeah the cosmic beauty,the peace u feel inside their, among the core natural things,that has nothing to control then themselves,in a self-regulatory things,, for next few minutes, go on doing anything u wish for in these woods,or seeing whatever u want, do those things which u normally are not able as a human,or due to constraints of society as an individual,aah feel a peace,deep inside, as if a person doped,and then slowly open ur eyes to feel urself,that has changed now, with a stable head,onto the shoulders,Peace........................


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